beautiful quotes...

"Children require guidance and sympathy far more than instruction"                                                 - Anne Sullivan

tee painting with toddlers..

Last Monday I had the pleasure of making t-shirts with my daughters friends at day care.. I bought along a selection of my screen printing paint which the kids used.. I then took the tee's home and heat set them to make the paint permanent.. 

Today the kids had a class photo wearing their tee's so I can now reveal to the world their amazing work.. it was such a fun day and the tee’s look absolutely stunning. Each one is a unique piece of wearable art...

Thank you guys for this opportunity and I hope you all love your little creations and enjoy wearing them. They are all truly fantastic and you are all little artists!!!

Here are some pics from the day..

beautiful quotes...

miss an opportunity 
to make others happy.. 
even if you have to 
leave them alone 
in order to do so...