tim tam pops..

It's the end of school holidays here this week and I thought we'd make a little treat with the kiddos..

A friend recently made these for her daughters birthday party and assured me they were easy.. And yep.. She was right.

You'll need
6 TimTams
1 big tablespoon of cream cheese
Choc melts
Cake pop sticks

Blend the TimTams and cream cheese together.
Roll the mixture into balls. Pop a cake stick into the balls.
Refrigerate for about an hour.
Melt chocolate and dip the pops.
Refrigerate for another hour and that's it..

Makes about 6 golfball size pops.

{today..} we're slaying dragons..

OH YEA!! Its the school holidays and yep.. we're squeezing in as much as we can.. love this little bus scroll I stumbled on while cruising pinterest.. 

{today's the day}..

Today's the day when I head down the next path and follow another dream.. 
Head over to my new little shop ink. paper. cloth. and make yourself at home..

{new adventures}

Hello Lovelies.. its been a little while again. So much has been happening in my little world that I won't even attempt to rehash it all or summarise it. Lets just say that I have been head down bum up working on my new baby or should I say 'mother shop' which will look after the kasiabear brand.

The name.. {ink. paper. cloth.} I won't reveal it all just yet, as the launch is not till this Friday, but lets just say, it was time for the next step and I needed to do a little bit more with the teacher part within me and encourage others to create rather than do it all myself. I know how amazing it makes me feel, and I wanted to share that feeling.

Kasiabear is still here, just moving over to a new domain which you can get to from the old. I love making tees and love creating custom designs for those special moments and occasions.. just too much fun.

Kiddos are growing like mad and changing by the minute. Loving being a mumma to two little people that can now fully communicate, love watching them develop their own little personalities.. Life is sweet.. just mad busy.

So, if you are around this Friday morning.. pop over to the ink. paper. cloth. Facebook page and join in the launch celebrations. The launch will be at 10am Adelaide time.. and the new website should be all up and running after that time.

SO.. just for a little taste.. here are a few little sneaky peeks of what will be available..


It's been a while again.. Seems like the year for it.. I've started writing quite a few posts, but I lost the 'little bit of me..' for a while, so needless to say they didn't get the {publish} button treatment.

I've been evaluating my lil biz and decided to get back to my true style. I've cut back on customs and have allowed my heart to take the lead again and it's paying off. I am working on a few more projects that are putting a big smile on my face and there are a few changes on the horizon.. I'll share as soon as a few of the paperwork bits are finalized, but head down and bum up for the time being..

Above are a new range of pendants I am working on and I just love how sometimes things work better than first imagined..

I'll be back soon to share a tid bit of exciting news and a new web addy you'll be seeing my words pop up on shortly.
Happy Tuesday

{party planning..} bug hunting expedition

cupcake toppers
Just in case you were a little concerned.. no, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth.. I've just been planning a party for a little tiny, gorgeous, adorable, bug obsessed little 3yo boy. That would be my son, Zac.

It was going to be a little gathering in the park with a few bug catchers and nibbles, but its kind of turning into an event really. I didn't mean it to, but I seriously didn't realise how much fun planning a bug hunting expedition could be. Another underlying reason is that I am not much of a character theme party and seeing this could be my last year where I get a say, I jumped at the chance of going a little over the top.

So here is some sneak peaks of what's in the pipe lines.. I promise I will do a full post on the extravaganza after the day.

place mats c/- spaceship & laserbeams
these guys seriously rock for boys parties

bug hunting sack for the little ones scared of real bugs..

bug boxes for the brave kids..

party bags..

lolly bag.. i even managed to find jelly snails.. oh my..

{holiday fun..} diy stilts..

Super fun, essentially free and super easy to make.. Just thread some rope trough the drainage holes of the pot, knot and tada.. Done.. Have fun!!

{us..} baby bear turns three..

Yesterday my sweet little guy celebrated his third birthday.. I get all mushy each year when my babies celebrate a birthday and yesterday was no exception.. I started off my day at 5:30am with just me and the birthday boy with super long cuddles on the couch, as we do each morning before the 'big' ones get up. I gave him one of his pressies (another dinosaur for his collection) and we hung out in our jimmy jams.

He celebrated with his buddies at kindy and then we had a little celebration at home.. He was just so happy and chuffed with each present he received. He woke me up bright and early again this morning and asked if he could have his birthday for 'a little more'.. too sweet!!

His bug hunting expedition party is yet to come, but yesterday was just super sweet!!

doll-house reno..

A few weeks back Ella received a very well loved dollhouse for her birthday from the girls next door.. One that their mum grew up playing with, then the girls and also Ella each time she visited over her five years of life.
It was super special and a very heartwarming present. I was told it needed some love, so being school holidays is was on the priority list to do a little dollhouse renovating.

White paint and I go way back.. So today my lil girl and I rolled our sleeves up and got busy giving the dollhouse a fresh coat of white paint. Next on the agenda are little shingles for the roof and some details on the windows.. Followed by some fresh flooring and some pretty girly wallpaper.
I always love a bit of reno, but doing it together with my little girl and watching her with a little roller was just the icing on the cake.

wishing you sweetness this easter..

wishing everyone the sweetest easter.. whether you are spending time with your loved ones, tending your veggie patch, working or just stuffing yourself with dozens of choccy eggs.. Have a sweet one!!


party... schmarty..

Ok.. Officially partied out! The kiddos social schedule is killing me!! Every weekend for the last 3 and next 4 is booked with at least one party.. If not four. Help me out here guys.. I never planned to be a taxi driver!!

Rant Over.. Back to reality. My computer has finally kicked the bucket so I'm on the hunt for a new one.. Which kind puts me in a grinding halt as far as design work goes for a few days, so I hit the pencils and started working on some mixed media canvasses for a friends lil girl. Loving the feel of glue, paint, ink and paper in my hands. Such a nice change.

Funny how an iPhone can do almost everything a computer does these days though..


there's hope for us yet..

There's nothing that brings more buzz into a household than miss chatterbox turning 5!! We had a full day of celebration on thursday with pressie opening before school, a basket of freddo frogs and lollipops for Ella's classmates, return home to open up the next bundle of gifts, a gorgeous handmedown doll house arriving from the girls next door, then an evening with close family friends, more pressies and finished off with an ice cream cake.

I'm surprised our little birthday princess managed to fall asleep that night.

So now we head into party central.. Off to a friends roller-skating party and then miss Ella's party tomorrow, I think I'm all organized finally. Finished all the goodies and thank you bags for her mates an THE cake of the century arrives tonight from the amazing Belinda from Belz Bakes. Can't wait to see it!!

BUT... THE most exciting thing for me as a mumma is the fact that our 5 year old has started eating veggies again!!! There's hope yet!!


{us..} wow!! what a month..

What a whirlwind of a month in our lil family.. My tiny girl started school, I became a school mum, or should I say 'PA to a school kid', my lil man started toilet training, I joined the gym, hubby had knee surgery and now we are heading into 'Party March'.

Ella kicks the month off with the first birthday and no kidding, I think 90% of her friends have a birthday in March. So today we are keeping cool and getting goodie bags ready for her fairy party..

Each bag is a tiny handbag and we're making tiny 'fairy sized' things to go into them, including a tiny fairy dust bottles.

Seeing I missed sharing our awesome moment of first day of school with you.. Here are a few of my favorite snaps..

She looked so cute, I could have munched her all up!!

So glad I didn't go for the school backpack!! This one looks huge enough..

Checking out her new pencil case..

and we can't forget the lil man.. He's still gearing up to be the next Steve Irwin.. There's even talk of getting a pet snake, but that's a whole post in its own..

daddy's home..

I love the smiles that appear on the kids faces the very moment they realize daddy's home. I love how they run and tackle daddy each and every time he returns.. It's warm, sincere and just beautiful to watch. Sometimes you'd think he went off to war and has just stepped back in the house after months of being away.

Xx Kasia

{home..} room revamp..

It's another super hot day here and we spent the morning at a play cafe with the munchkins to keep cool.. But a play cafe doesn't stay cool for long with a million sweaty kids radiating heat and isn't so cool when they start having a melt down cause they're worn out.

So home we went to keep working on Ella's room. She heads off to school in less then two weeks so we are revamping her room a little. We've had a mass clean out and got her a little desk and today we stuck up a massive tree wall decal. I'm designing a couple bus scroll prints for the red wall and she'll be set.

What an exciting time.. She is so so itching to start!!

choose joy.. an inspiration..

Hey guys.. You might have heard me talk about Ashley from Lil Blue Boo before.. She's a bit of a hero of mine and one of the reasons kasiabear started.. This was the first blog I read.. I could go on.. But you can look into this amazing persons life yourself if you wish..

I just wanted to share this truly beautiful video with you.. Still a bit teary and speechless here, but this is just a real reminder of why to stay positive, why to enjoy every moment and why to hug your loved ones often.

Rite of Passage - Shaving my Head from Ashley Hackshaw on Vimeo.

Love you Ashley!!

{my creative space..} spool rack..

I am falling more and more in love with my studio.. I can't even remember how long ago I bought this spool rack, but it finally has a home. Now to fill it with colour..

{us..} air dry clay..

My kiddos are positively in love with mr maker.. Apart from him making cool stuff he challenges 'mum' to play with new mediums and often results in a trip to the art shop. This week mr maker made some monsters using air dry clay and cotton tips.. Ours didn't get to the finished stage as all the cotton tips fell out before we painted them, but we DID have some clay left to play with. We made some tiny dishes with patterns pressed into them and also some little pendants. Certainly a new medium for me, but it was a LOT of fun to play with.

40 bags in 40 days.. progress

The 40 bags challenge has slowed down a little, but is still most certainly happening. The kitchen has had a huge reshuffle and I am loving seeing all my spotty mugs rather than having them tucked away in the cupboard. The bag count is 28 so far.. And there is a LOT more to go through still.

40 bags in 40 days.. progress..

Still full steam ahead with the clutter-cull in the house.. The kitchen was the target today and although a few bags full have gone there is still the pantry.. Loving my Tupperware drawer again..

{tee design competition..} winners..

OK.. so this was a really and I mean REALLY tough job deciding on the top 3 tee designs. So many gorgeous drawings came in, and each and every one of them put a huge smile on my face. I loved watching the kiddos draw up a storm at the Mummy Tree Markets in our little kids corner. Like every competition though.. there can only be one winner and a couple of runner up prizes.. so without putting it off any longer... drumroll......

the top design 
(as narrowed down by me and voted on by kasiabear fans on facebook) 
the skipping girl by madelyn sparrow

Madelyn wins a $50 gift voucher to spend in the kasiabear online store 
as well as her winning design printed on a tshirt. 

the two runners up
(as narrowed down by me and voted on by kasiabear fans on facebook)
the green monster by thomas hurcombe

the lil bird by olivia quinn
both thomas and oliva win a tshirt with their design printed on it. 

and although I didn't pick the following tee as one of the 3 winners
the super special little cherub will still receive a tee with her design on it..
why.. cause she's my lil girl.. my little ella bella. 
i was super proud of her efforts and just had to share.

the little fairy dancing in the rainbows by ella
ps.. the little blue bits on the sides are the wings i'm supposed to sew onto the back

OK.. so onto the serious part.. if your child is one of the winners mentioned here, please email me on kasiabeardesign@optusnet.com.au with your child's t'shirt size and your postal address. 

Thank you to everyone that entered, I had a heap of fun with this comp and I'm thinking I might just have to introduce an ongoing competition and announce a monthly winner of a tee. Let me think about the details and look out for them in the coming weeks.