the pile of washing

It really is amazing how much washing a mother does in her lifetime. It took me a while to come to that realization as my beautiful mum did a great deal of it for me when my daughter was born. It really didn't hit me till my son was born, as keeping up with just a toddler who rarely got sick was pretty nice.

When the little man was born it just seemed like the loads increased by ten fold. A lot of it was due to him having reflux and going through about 3-7 changes of clothes a day.. mainly due to me not catching on to the fact that this was the reason bibs were invented. When the reflux got under control and bibs were a regular item in our household it all calmed down pretty quickly so now its just a little thing I laugh about.. until...

Until my big boy decides to clean out his van that is and all those THICK winter jackets and towels come out.... 8 loads of washing later our house is back on track.

I really should not say this out loud, but.. I kind of like the washing, well.. hanging out the tiny little items of clothing that is. They really are gorgeous and the little cherubs grow out of them so fast, that the more you can look at them, the more use you get out of them in a way.

the confidence my toddler gives me

My daughter had her fist official birthday party invite... she has been to many birthdays, but this was the very first invite that she received from her very own friend at childcare. I didn't know this girl nor her mother so we shared this very first experience together last Sunday.

I am one who normally hates attending social events where I don't know anyone, but this was very different. As I drove my little princess all frocked up in her gorgeous pink tutu and sparkly shoes to match I felt a weird confidence I never had before. I was proud of my little angel for making her very own friend and not to mention one who is 6 months older which is a big gap for a 2.5yo. I did for a moment think to myself that I am not going to know a single person at this party, nor do I even know what the birthday girl or her mother look like. That feeling passed quickly and was overtaken by excitement. I had to be confident for my girl and I had to show her how to enjoy herself at an event such as this.

Lil-L is pretty outgoing but it always takes her 20 minutes or so to feel confident in a new environment. She takes her time, observes and then joins in. By the time the face painting started, she was in full swing, climbing up and down the playground and sliding down the big tube slides. She lined up to get her face painted and although this was also a new experience, it didn't faze her one bit. She joined in and enjoyed every part of the party. I was so proud of my little angel and felt an enormous warmth just observing her confidence in such a new environment.

I know I have my own personality traits and I lack confidence here and there, but its amazing what you will do for your kids. They give me such great confidence and such enjoyment in watching them take part in different things. I just hope their enthusiasm and drive continues throughout their lives.

our family

I am guessing that seeing this is my very first blog I should introduce my family. We are a small unit made up of four members. My husband 'epl' with an American background, myself 'kasiabear' with Polish background and our two beautiful babies born right here in Oz (who my world absolutely revolves around).. 2.5yo little girl 'lil-L' and our newest addition 4.5mo little man 'zaccy'.

I have started this blog as I never imagined being so in love with my kids and so dedicated to raising them in the very best way that I can possibly manage. I am forever reading books, magazines, searching the internet and listening to anything I can, just to absorb any new pieces of information that may come in handy in the future. I adore my kids but also love all the other little mites I come across and if what I write here, can: help, inspire, teach, enlighten or just amuse other mothers out there so they, in turn, can make their babies lives better in some way.. then this was worth my time... believe me, my family is not perfect, but I choose to work hard at making our lives as wonderful as I can with what I have.

Enjoy my posts and take what you can out them to make your life just that little bit nicer, easier, funnier...