lil-L the talking tornado

When I was pregnant with lil-L I read heaps about talking to your baby about everything you are doing all day long to get their vocabulary up. Being a first time mum I went along with everything I ever read just in case it was right. I don't know what worked exactly, but at 2 years and 8 months she seriously does NOT stop talking.

It is truly amazing how much she picks up and just how quickly and even more so the fact that she has the vocabulary of a much older kid but the understanding of the world as a 2 8/12 yo. Funnier still is that she mimics everyone around her and especially me.

Look out for posts labeled 'Talking Tornado'....

beautiful quotes

"never fear spoiling children by making them too happy. happiness is the atmosphere in which all good affections grow." thomas bray

beautiful quotes

"our children will create a world we cannot imagine, they will accomplish things we cannot even dream..." kathryn t. shaw

my first birthday as a mother of two

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday for the first time as a mother of two... it was just heaven! The kids weren't any nicer than normal.. they were just themselves and thats what made it so special. Daddy had organised a voucher from them for me to have a hot stone massage (something I've been wanting to do for ever) and a full facial (something that I never really intended to do in my life) and Lil-L refused to give me the present or the card she made for me :o) Eventually I got it and read the little book that came with the voucher about all these amazing things they have on offer at this new Wellness Centre.. wow!!

We headed off to mothers group and due to sicknesses there was only three of us so the girls sang me Happy Birthday and blew out my candles for me.. ate all the teddy bear cupcakes that S worked so hard at making for me... again... gorgeous as their little chocolate covered faces made me smile far more than consuming the decorations myself would have.

Both Lil-L and Zaccy slept for me beautifully when we got home and gave me a chance to have a bit of me time. A couple of my closest friends dropped by. Auntie G looked after the munchkins while me and EPL went out for a kid free dinner. When we got back I got to have a good old chat with Auntie G a great day in a nutshell...

What absolutely made my day though was when Auntie G and myself were giving Lil-L a bath and she said that I needed to soak my feet in her bath... so I did.. then she said I needed to take off the prickles off my legs... so I did.. then she told me to put keeem (cream) on my legs... so I did... and when I made the comment following this spontaneous pampering of "I love birthdays, I wish I had more".. Lil-L casually replied, "Santa can give you more birthdays". I just love her to bits!!

Have fun guys!! I sure am!!

fave finds for christmas

I've been a bit flat out fixing my hubbys computer.. in short... I soo love my mac!!! I just wanted to get these goodies on my blog asap so there is still time before chrissy to order them.
The website to check out is They have some amazingly gorgeous stuff and really well priced.. I'll try and put up as many of my fave finds before little feet come tapping down the hallway to find me..

Goki House Wooden Shape Sorter.. the cutest shape sorter ever!! and its made out of wood which is even lovelier!!

Hip Stuff Bowling Set Giraffe.. just amazingly cute!!!! and so unique!

Hip Stuff Milk Tooth Holder Cat.. only $4.95... the best stocking filler ever!!! again so much sweeter than other tooth boxes i have seen

Goki Shaker Building Blocks.. two in one really, you get the rattles and building blocks in one. wish we didn't have so many building blocks or that one would most certainly be added to the toy box!!

Hip Stuff Wooden Fire Engine.. you can't go wrong with this one at $12.95, after all its red and wood and just stunning!!

Janod Magnetic Aeroplane.. this is my absolute favourite of them all... you will soon realise that i love planes and this has it all.. its wood, its magnetic and its a plane.

Sparkle T Party Favours Cheeky Monkey Whistles (set 6).. the hip infant has some great party favours too, check out that section great alternative for lolly bags!!! these are only $12 for a set of 6

Alimrose Handsqueaker Horse Denim.. both my babies had these... well zaccy still does... 
its a great toy to leave in the cot for them to play with when they wake up. lovely, safe, soft and a great toy to put in their memory box when its all over. 

Haba Clutching Toy Buzz Buzz.. these are just adorable and absolutely timeless. 

I could stay here for ever and pick out stuff from this site, but little zaccy is starting to chat to himself and will be calling out for me any sec.. so must wrap this up... seriously.. check out this site there are some great finds here
over and out and back to my favourite job in the world... mother
i got me a promotion too just last weekend.. the little guy is off and racing.. well crawling

fave finds for christmas

Alright... so its no secret that I love my kids and am slightly obsessed with sourcing the most adorable, exciting, educational and amazing things I can possibly find and afford... Christmas is not far away and I am happy to say that I am done.. and dusted!! as far as Christmas shopping goes.

I don't like shops, and thats not a secret either!! I hate spending valuable daylight hours walking around shops that are loaded with run of the mill toys and even worse.. branded toys. I have a marketing background and understand where these guys are coming from, but what my child watches on TV or at the movies etc does not need to plastered all over their clothing... just needed to get that out!

Online shopping was the go this year. I searched and found some amazing toys and would love to share them with you, as well as some really cool online shops..

My Fave Finds

Geomag G-baby
available at

The Geomag range of G-baby toys is a unique play system, where all the magnetic pieces work together in different ways. Use them in the bath, on the playmat or in the stroller - the possibilities are endless. Each G-baby element is made in Switzerland of Makrolon, a unique plastic with the highest level of reliability and safety.

A G-baby toy helps to develop your child's gross motor skills and imagination. Suitable for babies 9 months +

It's the perfect gift for a newborn, or for a first birthday party - a toy that will grow with your child's imagination.

available at

This range has quite a few fab items but these are my absolute favourite!!

Micador early stART Link & Learn are colourful shapes that click or link together for fun and educational play. They are designed just for 2 to 4 year olds and are safe and easy to use.

Link & Learn helps develop fine motor skills and creative expression in children through construction. The possibilities for unique creations are endless. They are also designed to develop problem solving and colour recognition, and they can be used as an aid to counting.

I just couldn't wait for Christmas with these when they arrived.. lil-L just loves them!!!

Badger Range
available at

After ordering the night night balm for lil-L and realising how amazing these products were, I ended up getting the whole set. My absolute favourite is the anti-bug-balm. I've put a bit of info about the anti-bug-balm below, but you have to check out this range for yourself! This would be a great gift for a new mom!!

Australia... summer... flies. Yes we all hate them, so you slather yourself and the children in chemicals to ward them off. Sure, we don't like the chemicals, but we hate the flies more! Not to mention those buzzing bloodsuckers, the mozzies.

Well, guess what - Badger Anti-Bug balm, with a great new formulation, is blended to strike fear in the hearts of biting insects everywhere.

It smells good, feels good, soothes dry skin & it works. What else do you need to know? Oh yeah, it's 100% natural, and nearly all organic, and totally good.

Online Shops - great handmade stuff for the whole family

alright guys... I'm off to bed, I will post some more of my fave finds as soon as time allows..

happy shopping!!

best dollar ever spent

I keep reading about just giving in to the obsession kids have with pulling tissues out of tissue boxes for shear amusement of the child and five minutes to yourself.

Well... I needed a few minutes the other day (well a lot more actually) and I remembered the tissue box which was sitting peacefully on our bedside table as I tried to fold a few clothes while singing and dancing to my now crawling super zac... needless to say the singing and dancing while folding laundry was not as entertaining as I hoped it would be, and face it.. the bed was just too high off the ground for me to continue this lame form of entertainment.. after all, I have no musical bone in my body and certainly cannot dance to save my life...


So I gave in... and got sooo much more than 5 minutes!! I got the laundry done and zaccy zac just loooved this sensory experience (as you can see by the excessive drool marks on his bondsies). And for those environmentally conscious.. I saved the tissues as they were all clean for wiping up of little mishaps that happen around our house.

absolutely the best dollar ever spent!!