{market debut} lollipop markets..

I did it.. I survived and I loved it!! My first ever market at the Lollipop Markets at AAMI Stadium in Adelaide. Glad its not a close up pic of me, as the bags under my eyes would be quite a bit more noticeable, but the late nights and early morning were worth it. 

Above is my stall with my two gorgeous helpers, Bel from Belz Bakes and Suzanne from Luminous Life Kinesiology. They helped me set up together with my friend T and then stayed with me for the whole of the market. It was amazing to have them hold my hand through it and a lot of laughs too!!

Thank you to all that popped in to say hi, purchased and ordered tees and other goodies and all the lovely shout outs I had before the day. 

mr rudolf by belz bakes 
my little ladies showing off some pendants

Here's to more fun market days ahead..

My two upcoming markets are:
The Mummy Tree Markets 

The Stirling Angas Pavilion – Adelaide Showgrounds
Sunday 4th December (10am – 3pm) 

The Little Apple Twilight Market 
55 George St, Norwood SA
Wednesday 7th December (6pm - 9pm)

so if you want to see kasiabear goodies in real life and live in SA, pop past and say hi..

why kasiabear??

I was asked the question..

What is your Why? Why do you do what you do? What drives you? Do your customers know this?

Well, this is my answer:

I love design and I love making things with my hands.. Kasiabear combines all my loves in a nice package. I love experimenting and pushing the boundaries between mediums. I love that if one of my kiddos want something specific I can jump on the computer and then have a tee for them with their request later that day.

I get a warm fuzzy feeling each time my girl sees something in a shop and asks me if I can make it for her rather than just wanting it there and then.

I love when my friends kids ask their parents.. "can you please ask Kasia to make xxx" for me.

I love that everyone around sees an alternative to mass production because of what I do..

Ok.. I could seriously just keep typing but you get the idea...

I just wanted to share why I do what I do..