{in my studio} stencils..

Big week this week as I finish off designs that I've either been working on for ages or have been floating around in my head and needed to get out. Then its time to get all the different tees out and match them with designs and print, print, print so they are ready for a photoshoot early July, that I have booked with the lovely Koroli from Memorable Moments Photography. I'm so excited, I can hardly concentrate on the work that needs to be done.

So to keep me motivated.. here is a sneak peek at a stencil of one of the designs that will be a part of the new "tattoo" range.

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{oh so grateful..} for a kid's perspective..

{image by modernwalls on etsy}

Our little girl is now in Kindergarten and absolutely absorbing everything like a sponge. She doesn't forget a thing and the words she learns are just amazing. They're currently learning about animals and last week had an excursion to Urbrae Farm.. I seriously can't keep up with what she's learning. We have our chats in the car about what she did and how her day was and she tells me a fair bit but the detail always comes out when we are reading a book that hits on a topic she has been learning.. 

Conversation while reading an animal book.. We come across a picture of an owl..
The book read - "owls sleep during the day and fly at night"
Ella - "that means that they're nocturnal mummy"
Me - "very good Ella!! What other animal is nocturnal?"
Ella - "a possum"
Ella - "a baby horse"
Me - "why are baby horses nocturnal?"
Ella - "because they wake their mummies up"
Me - Belly Laugh.. 
Ella - "me and Zaccy are nocturnal"
Me - An even bigger belly laugh (the one that produces tears).. 
Me - "I guess that does kind of make you nocturnal, hopefully one day you won't be and mummy can get sleep.."
Zac - "My not a tunnel!"
Ella - "You are nocturnal"
Zac - getting angry now.. "MY NOT A TUNNEL!!"
This went on for a while while I was in tears laughing.. God these monkeys crack me up!!

So this week, I'm oh so grateful for my little cherubs. Their perspective on life and the fact that they can just make me laugh and laugh till I cry. 

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{in my studio..} spool rack..

OK.. so I keep talking about this {project studio}.. well its a project alright!! It involves a lot of steps and a lot of reshuffling of our life as it is. It involves finishing my hubby's workspace so he can move out of our back room, it will then involve me gutting out the room, re-lining it with new walls, putting in new flooring and then setting it all up. 

So needless to say its not a weekend project by any means. Its a good couple of months away, but thats ok. I have a heap of planning to do and I'm loving gathering ideas for my space. A space that will be my own. A space that will be amazing and I'll love working in. 

Pinterest has been a god send for inspiration. I've found some amazing sewing spaces and studios. Have a sneak peak at my little collection of pins if you like. 

One of the things that leaped out at me.. and I mean LEAP (like a massive bullfrog type of leap), was the wall mounted spool holder. Oh how I hate hunting around for the right colour and how I hate unstacking my current spool boxes. 

So despite the fact that my room won't be ready for me to physically hang one of these up for a while, I started hunting.. and I found this little guy. He is now on the way to my house and will get a lovely coat of white before he enters the studio. 

{available from: sewing-embroidery.com.au}
If you are on pinterest and have a little pinboard of sewing rooms.. pop your link below.. I'd love to have a sneak peek..

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{new in my shop..} pony tail holders..

I've been creating a lot of goodies of late and focussing so much on this {project studio} that I have forgotten to share on my little blog.. I've been making literally tons and tons of little fabric covered buttons, for a wholesale order, to go into a hair and beauty salon and for a couple of other projects I'm working on.. which I promise to share soon.

I've finally got around to uploading some of my favourites to my etsy store and these little guys will also be available to purchase online through my lovely new stockist Purely4Kids.

I love the colours and textures of this classic collection. Perfect for winter with lovely soft cords and denim and a couple of cute options for summer with a lovely polka-dot dress.

{happy monday..}

{image source here via pinterest}

{oh so grateful..} for cardigans..

It's winter here in Australia.. and although not snowing and not below zero.. it's pretty darn cold. We spend a lot of time outside even during the cold months which shouldn't be an issue, provided we're all dressed appropriately. But what does 'appropriately' mean??

Well.. you see, our little princess believes that a short sleeved tee, skirt and shoes is plenty. I as a mumma have a somewhat different view. She's even got her first nickname at kindergarten 'freezer legs'.

We did have a few little battles but in the end what was the point as me winning mean she wore a jumper to the car and before she got buckled into her seat in it was off.

So, I admit defeat. I mean, whats the point... She's always warm to touch, she never gets sick and after all, I'm pretty warm blooded and hate being too hot myself.

I must admit that although I gave up fighting her, I have kept an eye out for warm alternatives to what she has. Most have been dismal failures but then.. I stumbled onto a couple super cute short sleeve cardigans which she loves. She wears them for approximately 20-30minutes before taking them off and actually looks for them when she feels a little cold.

So this week I'm grateful for cardigans!! oh so very grateful for cardigans!!! I'm also grateful for being patient with my little girl, letting her decide for herself, trusting in her to tell me if she is cold and not being an overbearing mother. I'm grateful that I can step back and see the situation for what it is.

Now I'd be super grateful if there was a cardigan type pant that she would adore as much as she does her cardigans.

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{image from gilt.com}

{etsy love..} pdf doll-house pattern..

I've been on a hunt for a doll house for my little girl for a while now and have even contemplated making one myself. No big dramas either way, but I guess what has been stopping me is the question of whether it will just be another big item in her room that will get used once in a while but mainly just take up space. We've got a little castle and a few of the Little People range buildings which do just that.. take up space. 

So when I stumbled upon this little treasure, the Eco Friendly PDF Dollhouse Pattern from a fellow Etsykids Team member, DollsAndDaydreams.. there was a huge smile on my face and finally an answer I was happy with. 

There are even printouts to decorate your house and turn it into a farmhouse, dollhouse and a school house.. So potentially you could have a whole little village. 

What I really love about this idea is that you get to teach your kids about recycling and making things yourself rather than buying a manufactured product. It gives you the chance to make something with the kiddos and gives them the chance to decorate the house themselves. Great for all ages and such a cool idea for school projects too. 

Well.. I'm off to purchase this little download and its going on the rainy day to-do-list.

{project studio..} paving..

Project studio is in full swing.. A small shed is going up for storage and the area around the sheds is getting paved today.. MEANING.. I can start clearing out our outdoor room, oh so very soon, and make way for the kasiabear studio.

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am.. We started the project about a year ago and it just got put in the too hard basket with the kiddos were that little bit too small and the work-zone would have been too dangerous.

The kids are now loving all the action and the trailer loads of sand.. They're fully involved in the whole process.. With the added bonus of being totally worn out by the end of the day, which means early nights..

So this week I am grateful for being able to wait.. For being able to turn a space into my own.. for embracing dirt and being able to let the kids enjoy the process..

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kasiabear on pinterest
Still all systems go here and working towards the studio.. Little by Little.. but its getting there. I've been spending far too much time on pinterest drooling over creative spaces and studios to keep the motivation up.. So I just wanted to drop in and say Hello..

{this week i'm grateful..} for happy days..

This week I'm grateful for happy days that are filled with smiles and not too many meltdowns. I'm grateful for drawings like these that just happen with no foreplanning and I'm grateful for a backyard which is big enough to have a veggie patch..

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