{quick three..} desserts

Desserts.. OMG!! why oh why did I choose this topic the week I have started training for an 18km walk. Must tell myself that pictures are good enough for now!!

Without a doubt when it comes to sweets I like the creamy variety desserts.. so so bad for you but so so delicious and such a heavenly texture. So here are my top three..

{1} Cheesecakes
I love them!! But they need a good quality base, not too sweet cheese part and a berry of sort topping. I hate the prefabricated / mass produced ones!! I occasionally go for the chocolate types but they are generally too sweet, but I did discover one a little while back with a jaffa chocolate topping that kind of looked like the image above. So the chocolate taste was there, but it did have a citrus zing.. mmm...

{2} Ice Cream
Oh ice cream how I love thee!!! See my quick three ice cream post for details.. 

{3} Chocolate / Chocolate Fudge
Good quality chocolate, preferably swiss milk chocolate or a good dark chocolate or a homemade chocolate fudge. 

A few changes to the quick three guys.. I'm still going to do a weekly quick three post, and it will still be on a Tuesday (provided I don't get side tracked), but I've decided not to continue with the link up. If you do join in and write on the weekly topic, by all means comment below and share a link to your blog. I'd love to reading them. 

{a day in the life of..} Sandy Bugg from Wrapped in Fabric

To kick start the {a day in the life of..} series, I'd love to introduce the lovely Sandy Bugg from Wrapped in Fabric. This super clever lady not only runs and online fabric store but owns the label A Lillie Bug. So, she is crafty and lives in fabric heaven. So let's jump into Sandy's day, and see what she gets up to..

Every morning around 6am I am dragged from my bed by 2 amazing little people, Byron 4 and Amelia 2 demanding milo and play school! 

On making them happy and brewing a hot black cuppa coffee I resort to my office to check emails that fabric lovers often send at odd hours of the evening! From there invoices are printed and stored for packing & shipping day, the bank account and paypal are checked for payments and I jump in the shower while the kids are still quiet!

Often hubby walks in from a night shift around 7.30am and heads straight to bed (after lots of hugs and kisses from the kids).

I race around picking up what ever mess has occurred through out the night! Then yell at Dylan 18 to get up for work! Saying its a Monday, I pack lunches for the little ones, dress, shoes, hair, teeth!...phew by then another cuppa is needed! Throw down the cuppa and quickly check emails again!

Pile the kids in the car for a 15 min drive to day care with my bowl of yoghurt to go! Day care starts at 9am. 

I then fly by the PO to pick up any fabric thats arrived then bolt home to greet Tabitha who has already begun sorting through invoices and entering them into MYOB. I make us both a cuppa and give her the run down on what I need her to do for the day! Tab works 8ish hours on Mondays and rarely has a lunch break! She's FAB!!!

Off to the cutting room I go! With a stack of invoices at bay! I cut and place all orders in a plastic crate constantly until say 2 ish or until orders stop flowing in! Tabitha takes the crate and sorts, bags and packs the orders!

I head into the office with my Ryvitas and tomato and cheese and chomp away while checking urgent emails that have arrived!

Around 3pm I wake hubby (Brett) from his beauty sleep. At 4pm I head to the PO again with stacks of gorgeous fabric to post! Then I pick the kids up if Brett doesn't, and start thinking about dinner!

Who ever says working from home is a breeze has nuts in their head! Its great as if the kids are sick I am here for them but boy it certainly is a full time job!

Thank you Sandy! Yep.. completely agree, working from home is crazy.. but a good crazy!!

Wrapped in Fabric not only stocks an amazing range of designer fabrics, but also sewing patterns, books and specialty fabric such as chalk cloth and laminated fabric. Above is a photo of the fabric headquarters and a couple of my favourite fabrics. 

Email: wrappedinfabric@bigpond.com
Web: www.wrappedinfabricaustralia.com
Craftumi:  www.craftumi.com.au/WRAPPEDinFABRIC
Facebook: www.facebook.com/wrappedinfabric

{a day in the life of..} a new series..

A few months back I received an invite from an dear old highschool friend to join a group of Positive Business Women. I din't think too much about it, but joined up because Shan is an amazing woman and friend who somehow finds the positive in all of life's little challenges. She is the owner of Missy Melly and Melly Boys and also runs her own acupuncture business and is a nurse.. all while being a mum to two beautiful twin girls and a wife to her lovely hubby. Yep, very proud to say, she's my friend!!

Little did I know what this gathering of women would turn into. In only a few short months I have gained so much knowledge, inspiration and advice from all these wonderful women who also juggle families while building a business. Some are just starting out and some are simply booming in their field. The Business are an eclectic mix of handmade clothing businesses, natural therapists, tupperware managers and even a mum who makes and sells cookie dough.

We've all became very close and share things from how to solve business dilemmas, tips on housekeeping, organisational tips and we even have a little health kick group. Its amazing what positivity can do in your everyday life and how a group of 'positivity' focussed women can help each other in so many different ways.

Each day I log in and touch base with my new buddies and each day I am grateful for my gorgeous friend Shan for starting, building and continuing such a wonderful group.

I feel extremely blessed to have met all these wonderful women and wanted to share just how they do what they do. Each week I will introduce you to a new amazing business woman and their business. There's nothing like a kicking the week off with a bit of inspiration so Monday's the day.

Be sure to pop in weekly so you too can meet these awesome women behind these businesses in the new series {a day in the life of..}.

{quick three..} favourite dinners..

Quite simply said.. I love seafood but absolutely hate cooking it. Doesn't make sense really, but that's the way it is.

So whenever I go out for dinner I try and eat seafood of some sort. I love everything from the good old butter fish at the local fish and chip shop to lobsters and crabs.. give me a sea creature and I'll probably eat it with w a big smile on my face.

So, jumping into my top three dinner choices we have:

{1} Salt & Pepper Squid
{2} Garlic Prawns
{3} Seafood Marinara

So what dish can you not resist when going out for dinner.. or better still, what dish do you just rock at making at home?

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Next weeks theme will be {favourite dessert}.. following dinner there has got to be dessert.. right? 

{image from here}

{oh so grateful..} for home haircuts..

Today I'm grateful for home haircuts.. Seriously grateful!

I've been buzzing my hubbies hair since we met and I'm far from a hairdresser, but those clippers are, oh so easy!! Whoever came up with the idea of having them readily available to the unqualified public.. I LOVE YOU!!

So with a decade of haircutting up my sleeve to only one dedicated client, but still a decade, I feel quite comfortable cutting my little mans hair. He's special, in the sense that he either likes something or he doesn't. To add to his aries stubborn ways, he also is a VERY effective communicator. I shake at the though of having to take him to an actual hairdresser. So the decade of practice has came in very handy.

We now have a bit of a family hair cutting tradition. I cut the little guys hair, while my 4.5yo cuts my hubby's hair. Zaccy laughs his head off at dad being tortured and forgets about the buzzing sound around his head. OK.. so his hair is super snow blond and you can see every cut mark, making him look like a freshly shawn sheep.. but hey, its short and there were no tears.

PS.. I do tidy hubby's hair after the Ella attack and I am forever grateful for him being such a champ and being brave enough to let a 4.5yo cut loose on his head with a sharp pair of scissors. 

{image from here}
Joining in with Maxabella's grateful link up over at Mira Narnie's today.. 

{treasury} the colours of fall..

{view live version here}
I haven't curated an etsy treasury for a while now.. but with all these beautiful oranges popping up all over the place, I just couldn't resist.

This one features my fellow etsykids team members.. aren't they a clever bunch?

{quick three..} favourite lunch..

So today is all about lunch.. I don't love the lunch hour, break or whatever you might call stopping to eat in the middle of the day. I get hungry about 10:30am as I eat brekky so early and I much prefer not to stop what I am doing to eat. This is probably a huge downfall in the whole, eating well thing for me. I tend to grab something out of the cupboard and keep going. I'm am trying to change my ways though.. So at this stage these are probably what I eat for dinner but really should move to lunch.

my quick three are:

{1} Shushi.. 
Without hesitation my favourite food when I go out any time after 11am. Everyone in our house doesn't go there, so anytime I am out by myself or with friends and sushi is an option, it always wins. 

{2} Nachos..
So so so incredibly bad, but so full of flavour, crunch and memories. I had quite an addiction to nachos in my uni days and they bring back a lot of memories, as well as make my taste buds dance.

{3} Focaccia.. 
Now there is a particular blend of ingredients that are a must, being: chicken, avocado, swiss cheese, sundried tomatoes, marinated mushrooms and any other roast veggies available. I prefer an open grill version, where everything is there on display. 

Another set of ingredients that do the trick on a focaccia are; smoked salmon, sour cream, asparagus and a heap of pepper. 

So what tickles your fancy or makes your taste buds dance in the middle of the day?

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Next weeks theme will be {favourite dinner food}.. following on from lunch is dinner.. 

{image from here}

{oh so grateful..} for a wonderful week..

The past week has been huge for me, and I'm grateful for an absolute abundance of things..

I'm grateful for getting my act together and organising my website. I was terrified of the job of getting it all organised but I'm so glad I persevered. The launch was today and it went beautifully. I feel like a huge weight has lifted and I can focus on doing cool designs for the kiddos and kiddos at heart again. 

I'm grateful for not listening to many peoples advice to not attend the Adelaide Royal Show. We went as a family on Tuesday with a couple of friends and had a ball. The kids had smiles on their faces the whole time and haven't stopped talking about all the things they saw since. 

I'm grateful for my extremely supportive and positive friends. You guys truly rock, and although those kicks up the butt are rather gentle, they still help me get the job/s done. 

I'm grateful for going to my first ever scrapbooking class on Wednesday night.. I almost didn't go as I still had so much to do on the website before the launch, but going completely took my mind off things and I'm super stoked for keeping up with the pro-scrapbooking nannas and making 4 gorgeous cards. 

I'd love for you to check out my new website and give me feedback. If you do want to shop use the code { BANANA SPLIT } and you'll receive 10% off your order. 

Joining in with Maxabella Loves.. you should too!!

For those of you who join in with my Quick Three.. Sorry for the no show.. I was at the show, and completely forgot about my little blog. I'll be back with it on Tuesday.

{oh so grateful..} for online sharing

Every day I am amazed by the incredible generosity of the online world..I have so much to say, yet feel quite speechless at the moment, so I'll use my {dot point} backup here..

Today I am grateful for:
{1} online tutorials - so much free information out there on absolutely every topic
{2} free printables - so wonderderful to see that people can share something the do so well for others to enjoy
{3} forums - I can't say I have ever been a part of one, but have heard amazing stories of support
{4} online groups - I'm part of one on facebook and I get incredible inspiration, ideas and information from like minded business ladies daily
{5} blogs - goes without saying, its just incredible to be able to read someone's story and know someone out there who you might never meet is going through the very same thing you are.

Here is a link to one tutorial (a list really) I fell in love with this week.. 10 Eco Friendly Play Kitchens..

Joining in with Maxabella Loves' Grateful Saturday.. hosted by Emily at The Beetle Shack..

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