Live Laugh Love.. a collaboration..

Last year I fell in love Scissor Paper Rock's {Live Laugh Love} design. I purchased a print for our family photo wall and each time I walked past it, I fell in love with it more and more. Those three words have incredible meaning to me in my everyday life. Some days are harder than others, but when I say those three words, I remember the purpose of life..

There were often times (and still are) when my kids did something that I had no choice but to laugh off and move on. I mean really, what is the point of getting upset over a full tub of yoghurt spilled and smeared evenly on a window, followed up by Ella's sweet and chirpy voice, "wow mum.. look at these hand prints.. quick take a photo!"

So.. the idea of this beautiful image on a kids tee popped into my head. I contacted the lovely Claire and we started on this little project late last year. I contemplated on the best way of putting the image onto the tee's and at the same time was trialling an incredibly soft transfer paper I got from the States. I tried the image on the transfer and it looked fab, felt fab and withstood our kids wear and tear and the washing machine.

Soon we roped in the gorgeous Carly from Carly Webber Photography to snap some pics of her gorgeous cherubs in the tees... and here you have it..

{the Live Laugh Love collaboration..}

A beautiful typography design by Claire Chadwick from Scissors Paper Rock Designs has been turned into a wearable piece of art by Kasia Pawelski-Leach from Kasiabear Designs and photographed by Carly Webber from Carly Webber Photography

Three simple yet powerful words: 
Claire designed this fun & energetic play of fonts to portray three very important values of living a happy life!
A simple reminder to:
LIVE the life you want to it's fullest potential!
Learn to LAUGH at yourself & to laugh out loud... don't take life too seriously!
LOVE with a big, honest, forgiving & open heart!

The LLL image is transferred using a specialty transfer paper sourced from the United States. Unlike traditional transfers the finish is stretchy as the paper is partially absorbed into the fibers rather than sitting on top of the fabric. The final product is more distressed, or “vintage” in appearance with virtually no feel at all on the t-shirt.

all the tee sizes & onesies will be available from kasiabear's etsy shop
from this afternoon.. 

{the LLL onesie}
navy on white or magenta on white
classic short sleeve onesie with envelope neck and snap crotch
sizes available: 00 & 0
100% combed organic cotton

{the LLL girl's puff sleeve tee}
magenta on pale pink
puff cap sleeve
sizes available: 0, 2, 4, 6, 8
100% combed cotton

{the LLL boy's classic tee}
navy on aqua
classic cut tshirt
sizes available: 0, 2, 4, 6, 8
100% combed cotton

{review} Bega Stringers..

A couple of weeks back when Bega contacted me to review the new flavours of their Stringers range, I jumped at the chance. When Ella was born I was one of those super ready, super educated and somewhat obsessive mothers. I carried around a book which listed all the food additives and read the back of each food label and made an educated decision on each food that entered Ella's mouth.

Bega Stringers passed all the tests and it has been the cheese that Ella has eaten since the day she ate cheese. Up until recently the little man has been very lactose intolerant, and without me knowing, Ella has been sneaking him bites of her cheese, with no icky repercussions. So now he is classified as lactose sensitive and although he can't handle too much dairy.. he is allowed to eat sticks of Bega Stringers. Which I must add he is absolutely overjoyed about.

After receiving our little sample pack we had the girls next door over for a cheese tasting. The kids sampled the new Swiss and Cheddar Stringers and gave us the thumbs up for each flavour.. Even Bob the Cockatiel joined in and chose the cheese over lettuce.

With a second munchkin running around, I might not have as much time to research each food that enters my children's mouths as much as I did in the past, but the tried and tested foods such as Bega Stringers are constantly on the shopping list and in the fridge.

Ella has now started Kindergarten, meaning I have the responsibility of packing her a lunch that she will eat without my help, and the cheese is one thing I know she will eat each and every time.

Another thing I personally love about the Stringers is the portion size.. yep.. portion.. for us mumma's trying to get rid of that mummy tummy..

Thanks Bega.. not only for the opportunity to sample the new range but also for providing such a handy yet REAL cheese for my munchkins to eat.

ps.. i have not been paid for this review, but i am in the running to win a david jones gift voucher for participating in the review process. 

{quick three..} movies..

You may have heard me say or at least read about the fact that I no longer watch telly.. It's not a choice or because of stance against something. I love it, I do!! I love to sit down and watch a good movie and there are many I love. Below is a list of my absolute all time favourites. I could watch them again and again and get something different out of them each time I watch them.

The deal is that I no longer have the energy to sit down and watch a full movie. I tend to fall asleep about 20 minutes into a movie so really, there is no point. We have kids telly on during the day while the monkeys are around and when there is no one home.. I like the quiet. So telly for now... NON-EXISTENT!!

I'm not going to describe why I love each of the below movies other than saying that they are all full of emotional triggers for me. They are all simply beautifully made, have a collection of different characters that I can relate to and they inspire me, whether it be from an artistic perspective, home decorating or just lifestyle.. looove them all.

Get a cuppa and sit down and watch some of the snippets below.. maybe one will tickle your fancy..

Gathering these snippets has got me re-inspired though.. I will make a point of watching these all again (no excuses as I have the DVD's) and I'll do a little review soon..

Stealing Beauty
I written about Stealing Beauty in the past.. so have a read for a more in-depth description of why I love it.. 

Double life of Veronique

Three Colours Trilogy



So what three movies have inspired you, you hate, you love, have made an impact on your life, or just make you smile??

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Next weeks theme will be: 
{three craft blogs} what crafty type blogs do you love to read??

{happy monday}

"remember that silence is sometimes the best answer." 
~ seth godin

are you turning off your lights tonight??

Well.. tonight is earth hour and yep.. we're going to turn off the lights.. not entirely sure how Ella will cope with the darkness.. but we'll give it a go..

Here is a little treasury of some of my favourite recycled items on etsy..

{view live treasury here.. }

{this week i'm grateful for..} digital cameras..

I so love the fact that wherever an adult goes, they pretty much have access to a digital camera of some sort. This is something that has changed in my day, and its so super-cool (omg i'm picking up sayings from my 4yo). I remember the days where all that was readily available were film cameras. I was lucky enough to own a super tiny handbag size one which, together with a spare film, travelled with me everywhere. 

So this week I am grateful for the access that each person has to a digital camera, whether it be an in-phone camera or a digital SLR. 

The above photo was snapped last night with my iPhone.. seriously.. how amazing are happy snaps these days??

Joining in with Maxabella Love's grateful blog hop which is being hosted over at and then there were four this week..  and also reasons to be cheerful over at Mummy from the Heart..

Have a fab weekend everyone!!

{let's do 52} week 12.. handwritten + blur

Ok.. this week's theme is quite simple. Ella has learnt how to write her name and is literally writing it everywhere.. I just love watching how the shape of each letter changes as she perfects it.

This is just a quick iPhone snap of one of her scribbles.. I've added a texture and framed it with Paint the Moon's frame.

perfect one day, crazy the next..

Oh how the week can change.. bliss one second and foggy head the next. We had a gorgeous start to the week with a trip to the zoo with the little guy who demonstrated the ability to have an in-depth conversation with a flamingo.. it was quite amazing to watch to say the least!!

Followed closely by a dash to the doctors to find out how to treat the little guys eczema. He had a pretty yucky outbreak this time, leaving him quite simply irritated and shitty with the world. So mumma has stocked up on creams and lotions to soothe my little man and hopefully we'll have a lovely peaceful household shortly.

My head is a little foggy with trying to figure all this out while dealing with another head cold.. So my apologies about going a-wall with the {quick three} this week.. I will leave the topic of movies to next week, if you have already done a post link up here next week.  I have to focus on the little bear for the time being.

{happy monday}

"don't give up. not for a while, anyway. optimism is hard. but it's usually worth it." 
~ seth godin

{let's do 52} week 11.. power + up

I've missed a couple of weeks of the let's do 52 project.. but this week I got reinspired by the gorgeous Carly from Carly Webber Photography and her amazing new blog Mamma-Razzi. Carly gave us a BOKEH challenge.. how could I resist!!

I took the slr to the park to one of Ella's friend's parties and snapped away a little. I really suck at taking photos of kids but like any mumma, I want lots of pics of my kiddo's. I do good with subjects that don't move, don't talk and are generally cooperative, but kids.. OMG.

So here is my attempt at UP and BOKEH..
The first image is straight out of the camera and the bottom image has been quickly edited with a couple of actions from Paint the Moon..

Joining up with Monica from Pixel Perfect for the Before and After blog hop too..

{recipe} lell's green smoothie..

We've been swamped with parties Of late, meaning there's a lot of party food on offer and schedules of all sorts are thrown out the window and nutrition.. Hmmm..

I recently received a green-smoothie book from a friend and have been topping Ella up with vitamins via the smoothies.. I whizz one up in the morning and whatever time of day we pop in home.. She downs a glass or three..

This is our favorite..

1/2 cup fresh coconut meat
1 cup coconut water
2 cups of spinach
1/2 pineapple
2 bananas

blend all ingredients on high till smooth

{this week i'm grateful for..} hand picked flowers..

It's been a crazy week here, mostly self-inflicted as I decided to do another household blitz on top of all the orders I have to do (why do I do these things??) Bags and bags of toys, books and clothes the kids no longer use have left the house. I'm not done yet but getting there slowly and the house feels so much less crowded and cluttered already.

Among all the running around like a headless chook, the kids have helped out and slept somewhat better than normal and let us enjoy a bit of adult conversation in the evenings with hubby, and coming home to a gorgeous freshly picked bunch of roses completely made my week..

So this week I'm grateful for:
{1} hand picked flowers - so much more meaningful than those elaborate arrangements
{2} family time - I got a super amount of cuddles this week
{3} salvo bins - makes me feel ok about getting rid of perfectly good stuff
{4} cooler weather - makes wearing enclosed shoes not as horrid
{5} birthday parties - we've got a super special one tomorrow..

joining in with maxabella loves..

{quick three..} favourite magazines..

Firstly.. my apologies for running late again. The long weekend completely threw me out and all day yesterday I kept on thinking its Monday.. to the point of almost forgetting Ella's dancing this morning.. yep we were late.. 

On to the three.. magazines.. I must start with saying that I am a magazine reader rather than a reader of books. Possibly because I love to look at the photographs and images, so the mag needs to be filled with eye-candy. I have a selection of magazines I love but the three that I have a subscription to are.. 

for the culture of design..
Desktop delves into the world of design, advertising and digital culture, connecting with thousands upon thousands of passionate creative professionals and enthusiasts around the globe..
I've had a subscription to this mag since starting uni (many moons ago) and each issue is packed with info and an abundance of eye-candy. It is a mag I look at with kids around and actually read the content when they are not around. It keeps me up to date with what is going on in the industry and re-inspires me to create. 

{home beautiful}
for inspiration and a lot of wishful thinking..
I always have some sort of home magazine subscription.. and the last couple of years it has been home beautiful. There is no real rhyme or reason, it just seems to gel with me at the moment, the content inspires me, makes me drool and its not too over the top. Its doable. In the past I've had Real Living, Handyman, Better Homes and Gardens and Inside Out.. They're all great and if I ever get a chance I have a sneak peak into them at the news-agency and quite often still buy a copy here and there. 

{sew hip}
for ideas, patterns and info.. 
I love craft, always have. It's a way of chilling out for me yet still being creative. I love sewing and making things with my hands but seem to get bored quite quickly so am always looking for something new to make and do. Its a good way of getting me away from the screen for a while. Sew Hip is fab, its not too serious and has some really cool ideas. 

What are your favourite mags? 
If you know of a cool craft mag, I'd love to know!!

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{wordless wednesday}.. oh yumm!!

        joining in with faith hope and a whole lotta love..

{snippets} from the weekend..

It's technically still the weekend as its a public holiday here today and we're off to another birthday party in a minute.. Ella my little social butterfly gas a party to go to each weekend for the next 5 weeks..

We've already been to a party at a fairy place with Lell.. Me and hunky toured the fruit and veg shops of Glenelg and bought a bunch of grapes at each one.. while we waited. Then to another party in the evening..

Sunday we gardened all day.. dad and the kiddos set up an area for a herb garden for me and I pottered and weeded.. Bliss..

Anyhoo.. I'm off to a party..

Joining in with {point+shoot} & {week-a-boo}

{happy monday}

"where do you go to get permission to make a dent in the universe? if you think there's a chance you can make a dent, GO." 
~ seth godin

{this week i'm grateful for..} being a mumma..

{image from here}
We've had a massive two weeks full of fun, laughter, celebrations, sicknesses, hospital stays and it all involved us as a family. I seem to always reflect during the first two weeks of March, as its the time of year I married my mate, my favourite season begins and the month became a mother. I'm feeling incredibly lucky right now.

Becoming parents was kind of a big joke for us. We had the 'knock-up plan' in place for 4 years, down to the day we would start stop trying not to get pregnant, to the star sign we wanted our first child to be and we even had the name picked out. I fell pregnant on our first attempt, felt sick 2 days later, bought a home pregnancy test, checked it 7 times just to make sure and sure enough.. our little Ella was born 9 months later, on her due date.

We did a little calculation for our second child and the scenario was pretty much the same. Pregnant on the first go, I pretty much chose the date Zac was going to be born as it was convenient. We had no family in Australia and the friends that were going to look after Ella were going to be at a party we were also invited to. There was going to be a jumpy castle and birthday cake and overall a nice place to leave Ella to go off and give birth.

Well.. that was us. As ho-hum as it all seems, and as incredibly well it all worked out, we were scared before we started trying. The 'knock-up plan' was just a big joke. I wasn't sure whether I would be able to have kids. You see, when I was 17, I had an ovarian cyst and had one of my ovaries removed, so we really weren't sure. We discussed other options and had a bit of a plan just in case.

Motherhood is one of those funny things... it's exhausting, such hard work, stressful, confusing, unpredictable but so incredibly rewarding. I get that crazy warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy each and every day with my kiddos. They crack me up, they make me laugh and smile, they blow raspberries on my tummy, they make me cups of dirt coffee, they give me slimy pre-chewed crackers... They just rock my world.

Since becoming a mumma, I've watched a few close friends struggling to fall pregnant. Some have taken the path of IVF and some other natural methods, some have managed to fall pregnant but have experienced multiple losses... watching each of their struggles is just as heartbreaking when the result is not what they were hoping for.

I was recently emailed a media release about a study which shows that one in two women could be trying to conceive at the wrong time and that Clearblue Digital Ovulation Tests take out the guesswork. I was instantly interested in reading further as if there was a way I could help one of my friends succeed in falling pregnant then hey.. I'm there. I used Clearblue home pregnancy tests to find out I was going to be a mumma, so the brand was quite well known to me.

The Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test is available nationally from major supermarkets and pharmacies in a pack of seven tests (RRP $69.99). For more information on the Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test and other products in the range, visit  or call Clearblue’s Careline on 1800 125 021.

If you are trying to conceive and would like to try out one of the Clearblue Digital Ovulation Tests, just drop me and email, as I have been given 3 packs to share with my readers. I'd love to hear how you go with them. 

So this week I am grateful for:
{1} lady luck for allowing me to bypass all the stress of getting pregnant..
{2} my amazing children.. they are the icing on my life..
{3} opportunities to share something with my readers that may help them..
{4} still grateful for our health system..
{5} rain for making my backyard look slightly more green than brown..

joining in with maxabella loves..

{kasiabear designs} featured in.. pretty in pink treasury

{view live page here}
Very excited to be featured in this gorgeous etsy treasury..

{love} ten years ago..

{image from here}
Yesterday was the big one's and my 10th wedding anniversary. It seems like yesterday that we had a teeny tiny wedding at the registry with a handful of close friends and then a small gathering at my parents place. It was small, cosy, completely understated and we finished off with a night of boogying to a band at our fave pub, then got chauffeured to our hotel in the back of an old Dodge pick-up. We followed up our tying of the knot with a camping trip.

From day dot we did things our way, from day dot we were a little different and from day dot it worked.
We are a blend of the traditional couple where I am the homebody/stay at home mumma and he is the major income earner. He is the strong one that does all the hard work and I do all the kitchen type stuff. But I love to sneak into the man-zone and steal his power tools, do a bit of house reno, dig in the dirt and all round get into the hard work that needs to be done. The big one hates the household chores but sucks it up and unloads and loads the dishwasher, cooks up a mean chilli con-carne or steak and salad and has finally realised that there is no sock-picking-up fairy and that he needs to put his own socks in the clothes hamper.

He is truly the funniest dad on this planet. He loves the kiddos, tries to be Mr Authority but gives in and ends up being one of them.. so yep, I'm a mumma to three crazy, free-range children. Life with the big one truly is entertaining, funny, hilarious, unpredictable and all round sweeet. He's my mate. I love him!

{quick three..} favourite stationery items..

Running a little late this week as I spent the night in hospital with my little girl last night.. We got the all-clear this morning and all is back to normal here again.

Now onto the three.. I have a slight obsession when it comes to stationery. It's worse than the chocolate isle. I can't help but look each time I'm at the supermarket and stationery stores such as officeworks are just simply dangerous and those little colourful stationery shops popping up everywhere like smiggle are just outright mean...

So this week I am sticking to my all time favourite items. Ones that have been with me for a lifetime and if the time to replace them ever came and I couldn't find the exact same thing, I would probably have a little cry...

{bambi stapler}
I love this little guy.. he is super small but super effective. He can punch through a good number of pages without much effort and the staples are super cute. I've had him for a good 14 years or so and he's like new. 

The funniest thing is.. I'm not alone.. there is a bambi stapler appreciation society on facebook.. 

{post-it notes}
Oh my.. Oh my.. I still remember when I got my first yellow pad..
Post-it notes are used at my place all the time, from leaving notes for hubby, marking pages in magazines, cookbooks and my new favourite item is the post it pen.. I love going through magazines with this little guy in my hand. Very impressed that they have now made a recycled paper version of the big square notes too.

{bic 4-colour pen}
Oh bic how I love thee!! This pen is my all time favourite. There are a few imitations, like the papermate brand which I don't mind, but the good old bic 4-colour pen is still the winner. This one is slimmer than the others and seems to be far more durable.. even around the kiddos.

I had these all through my school years and still love them now.

What are your stationery essentials? 
What three items can't you live without?
What items do you dream about having in your stash?

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Next weeks theme will be: {favourite magazines}

{giveaway} and the winner is..

the winner of the $25 gift certificate and a digital photo makeover is... 

Comment No: 3 

Maxabella said...
Congrats on over 100 followers! You are very generous to have such a fab giveaway. 
I've noticed your clever imaging ways, but didn't realise it was your 'thing'!!! 
I hope you enjoy getting the next 100 just as much as the first! x

Maxabella.. please email me a photo you would like me to digitally make over.
I will then email you a code you can use in my store to give you a $25 discount off your purchase. 

thanks to everyone that entered.. 

{snippets} from the weekend.. my baby is four..

We are all officially exhausted after a big huge week of celebrating my little tiny baby angel turning four. So exhausted infact that my little princess is hanging out with me today as she's feeling a little flat..

On Saturday we had her birthday party at one of the cool new playgrounds near our place. She shared her My little angel dressed up as Harmony from the Fairies and celebrated with family friends, friends from her childcare and mums group.  I'll do a separate post on her party soon.. just a little pre-occupied looking after my girl today..

Sunday we chilled.. really chilled. We blocked out the world and enjoyed our family... pure bliss!!

joining in with {peek-a-boo} + {point+shoot} + {shadow shot sunday}

{happy monday}

"if the game is designed for you to lose, don't play that game. play a different one." 
~ seth godin

{this week i'm grateful for..} health insurance..

{image from here}

We've spent a lot of time at various appointments this week, some of which were specialist appointments and some just at our local doctors.

My foot has been playing up since before christmas and I've chosen to ignore it till now (yep.. i'm a bit like a man in that way), but after visits to the chiro, the physio, having chinese massages on my back as this was the consensus.. no relief. So off to the GP, who promptly sent me off for x-rays, ultrasound and to the podiatrist.. yippee!! Really I would be skipping if I could. The diagnosis is.. that I have seriously torn a ligament in my foot, so I'm all taped up, wedge in my shoe and have to wear enclosed shoes for 12 weeks, (currently tossing up which one is worse.. the pain in my foot or enclosed shoes).

Crap, as the above scenario might be.. this week I am super grateful for:

{1} having health insurance - I think this year we may have already got our money's worth..
{2} the health service in Australia - even without the private insurance it really is fab..
{3} being so incredibly blessed with two gorgeous kids.. one of which turned 4 this week.. 
{4} the adelaide zoo.. such simple and clean family fun..
{5} gorgeous local playgrounds.. one of which we'll be using tomorrow for our little girls party..

What are you grateful for this week? Pop on over to maxabella loves and share or simply read some other inspirational blogs..

this week has been bought to you by the letter {P}..

{image from here}
My little Princess turned four on Tuesday and we celebrated her birthday with a trip to the zoo. Her favourite animal (and of course merchandise that came home with us) was a little Panda called Funi, dressed in none other than pink. The day after we did the annual trip to the podiatrist and sadly to say.. my little princess ain't going to be wearing thongs or little beauties like the ones above for much longer.. yup.. she's got her daddy's feet and has to have orthodics..

I spent the morning painting t-shirts with Ella's class today, just for something a little different, to celebrate her birthday than the party bag for each kid to take home sort of deal. I had a ball, got covered in paint and the kids were quite simply hilarious and adorable all at the same time.

Then off to the podiatrist for me.. yup yup.. mumma can't ignore that excruciating pain in her foot no more.. and the winner is "a torn ligament", yippee for me!! I now get to have a foot/ankle nicely taped up, get to wear a wedge in my shoe and have to wear closed in shoes from the moment I wake up to when I go to sleep for 12 weeks. Fun! NOT! On a good note.. at least the weather is cooling down.

I finished the day off with making 24 party bags for the little princesses party on the weekend and stewed some cinnamon pears.

On that note.. goodnight!!

the day my life changed..

Four years ago today, my life changed..
at 1.13am on the 1st of March in 2007 I became a mother..
My gorgeous Ella came into this world and gave my life a whole new meaning...

Here are photos of my angel's first two years..

{quick three..} favourite girls toys..

{images from here}

So many different perspectives to write this post from.. but seeing its my daughters birthday.. I am going to focus on favourite toys from my daughters perspective. Well at least what I see her play with most as far a physical objects go..

without fail these make believe humans top the list!! in our house we have many and thankfully the brand-name doesn't seem to much matter yet. Barbie gets a mention here and there but the cheap 'imitation barbie' from the supermarket still satisfies the Barbie habit for the time being.

These guys get dragged outside, in the trampoline, on swings, are made to sit politely while 'their' mummy gets them their lunch, come in the bath with us, learn to write, do show and tell and at the end of some messy days, get put in the washing machine.. shhhhh!!

{magnetic drawing pad}..
We have these guys in 3 different sizes, and they are always out and being used. Ella role plays that she is a teacher and writes the number of the day, letter of the day, shape of the day, etc.. Its gorgeous to watch and listen to..

Not really a toy but I literally cannot think of a toy Ella plays with consistently other than dolls and her magnetic drawing pad. She's always carrying a book around and reading it to her dolls and role playing. Its kind of cute as she uses the different size books for different purposes.. she's got the board books classified as baby books and reads them to the nursery room.. and the big books she reads to her older dolls.

What do your girls play with.. or what did you play with as a girl?
The toys I desperately wanted as a girl was a cabbage patch kid and a barbie.. I kind of missed out but that's another story.. yes, I am scarred for life and get a little sad each time I walk past a cabbage patch kid in the toy store..

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next weeks theme will be
{favourite stationery items}
this is going to be a hard one for me to narrow down to three..
i will do a craft list at some stage so all you scrapbookers out the.. don't panic!!