happy trails... first training..

Feeling a bit sore and sorry for myself at the moment.. well not so sore now, but Saturday and Sunday were hell.. truly and utterly hell!! My hips felt like they were going to crumble any second and all my muscles in my legs, some I never knew existed, were screaming at me each time I moved. My little guy is sick again so has been up close enough to all night last couple of nights which didn't help, but a couple of short walks on Sat and Sun have done a world of good.

The walk was hard, really hard! 16km in complete darkness, walking in constant rain on tracks through the Adelaide Hills I've never walked on before with absolutely no training leading up to it.

There were about 20 odd people that showed up for the training, most of which have either walked the trailblazer before or were in tip top shape so I was soon left at the end with my walking partner and the sweeper... We were told before we started, that the time to beat was 2 hrs and 25 minutes and that the average time was 3 hours. It was when Phil said the words 3 hours that I started to panic a little.. I automatically thought I'd be there for 4 and a half hours or so..

I trudged and trudged, my head torch ran out of batteries and the spares didn't work, so I walked 2/3 of the walk with a little hand torch. My hips were absolutely killing an hour into the walk, but what were my options.. hmmm.. turn back and still walk another hour to the start... ummm.. no, not an option.. so I just walked, and walked, and walked..

We walked past the Bridgewater Mill at one point and this was my little pick-me-up.. the Bridgewater Pub looked absolutely divine in the dark, surrounded by mist and slight fog. It looked like something out of an English or Irish postcard. Then the big wheel of the mill was just stunning. When-else would I have the opportunity to see these beautiful landscapes at that time of night? If I was out having a meal in the Pub, I would have never walked out in the rain, crossed the creek, walked up a steep slippery embankment just to have a look at what the pub looked like from the other side. So this visual in itself kept me going and trudging along through the swampy paddocks.. who cared really, I was going to have a warm shower when I got home.

As we headed into the 2 hour 45 minute mark, the leader 'little Phil' came back to make sure we were alright and informed us that its not far now. He had a chat to me as we walked the last little bit and was a little shocked that I made it this far without training.. I did ask him whether anyone had ever been kicked off for walking too slowly, and he assured me that I was doing fine. As I crossed the finishing point he announced my time of 3 hours and 5 minutes. I was stoked to say the least. I felt so utterly overjoyed to be 'average' at this point in time that I cannot put into words.

I could ramble for hours, but I guess overall I'm happy that I made it, I'm happy that I pushed myself, I'm happy I didn't give up and I'm happy that I am absolutely insane and jump into these things without thinking them through.. I mean seriously...

happy trails...

OK.. here I go.. this is the year..

Two years ago a friend of mine asked me if I would be interested in doing the Trailblazer Challenge with her.. I was so incredibly enthusiastic and said 'yes' straight away. I went out and got new walking shoes, started walking with Ella in the pram and was so set to walk 50km...

Then as my family does.. it threw not one, but a few curve balls.. My grandma who lived in Poland passed away and I was determined to see my grandpa while I had the chance. I took off on an adventure to Europe with just my little 18 month old girl (at that stage). That was a challenge in itself, but I ticked off a few things I needed to do which was fantastic.

We had started trying for another bub just before all this happened and taaadaaa.. I realised I was pregnant while overseas.. Ella was really sick while we were over there too, so by the time I came back, the walk was just not going to happen for me... all our family lived overseas in one country or another at that stage and being pregnant with no support there was just no way I could pull it off..

I rang my friend when I returned and told her that I can't do it this time around, but to please remember me in the future.. so this year she did, and again I said 'yes'.. so here I am about to embark on an adventure like no other adventure I have ever taken on before... the back 50 of the trailblazer challenge..

If you know me personally, you'll know that I'm seriously not the fittest person in the world. I don't even exercise regularly.. or at all really. My family always comes first and I always come last, meaning there rarely is any time left for such extravagance as exercise. I'm not adverse to the idea, it just doesn't fit it.. so this really is going to be a challenge for me.

I am doing the first training walk tonight.. yes.. walking in the bush at night, in the dark.. So wish me luck.. think of me while you are sitting in front of the heater, even if its just to amuse yourself :o)

Will let you know how sore I feel soon..

friday night.. date night..

Inspired by my friend who has 3 kids and somehow manages to sneak in dinner, a dvd and dessert on a Friday night with her hubby when the kids go to bed..

Hmm.. I really think I should pull my finger out and plan some fun friday night.. date nights..

So seeing me and TV do not work together as I fall asleep within 10 minutes of sitting on the couch, I need to be a bit more creative.. so here goes.. I even bought a little book on fun date ideas..

spend an evening 
looking through your date's photo albums 
and high school year books.. 

my little pocket denim skirt..

I so loved making this little skirt.. I printed the fabric a couple of months ago, I made the pocket a couple of weeks ago and I finally got to put it all together the other day.. look out for a few more coming in this style.. I love it!!

so simple, so sweet and just classic..

kasiabear in handmade living..

Well, its been a bit of a crazy week in our household.. me planning my first ever trip away since becoming a mum.. my little guy being sick again.. and putting together my submission for handmade living..

And now that its all finalised.. I'd like to share my excitement.. I am so, so, so honoured to be a part of this creation and to work alongside other amazing designers and makers... You'll have to wait to see kasiabear's little creations till the book is released.. but if nothing else, writing this submission and thinking outside the box as a designer again has put a few more things in perspective for me.. so keep a look out for new and amazing things to come.. here on this blog, at kasiabear.. a little bit of me, my etsy shop and my made it shop..

handmade living. is.. 
a beautiful new creation that combines the inspiration and talents of handmade designers living in Canberra and also interstate. 
Its pages will be lush with stunning creations to share and inspire. 
A hardcover, beautifully photographed and illustrated tome. 
Providing how-tos, information and breathtaking inspiration, 
a publication for lovers of style, beauty and stunning creations, handmade with care. 
Handmade bliss

a little cushion for my boy..

yes yes.. i love denim.. and i can't part with it.. this is a little cushion i made for zaccy zac from some old jeans for his change table.. he's getting a little big for it.. but we still most certainly need it so to avoid him knocking his head on the wooden end i made this..

his room theme is planes (predominantly because i love planes and hope to be a pilot when i grow up) and colour scheme is red, navy, white and khaki.. and these are the little planes i got for him for his 1st birthday.. they still need to be hung from the ceiling when i get around to it.. but for the moment are on top of his bookshelf..

these are little tin replicas.. love love love them!!

kasiabear kids update..

the mod cord skirt is now available in my shops and so are library bags.. pop past and have a peek.. there are 12 cord colours to choose from.. so possibilities are many.. i'm sure there is a mathematical way of working that out.. anyway.. here are my ideas and most probably my next little projects..

drawstring bags..

This would have to be one of my favourite fabrics and I was lucky enough to make a little library bag for one of Ella's favourite friends...

These drawstring bags can be made in many different fabric combinations and sizes and are available through my made it store.. message me or email me if you would like kasiabear to make you one and I will email you available fabrics.. there are plenty of boys and girls ones to choose from.

little mod cord skirt..

What a week its been in our household.. I've only just finally got to upload the little Mod Cord skirt onto madeit and etsy.. so a very belated drum roll please... for the colour options that is..

and if you don't like my options.. go your hardest on these colours and choose your own colourway..

and then you come up with the end result in your choice of colours looking like this..

the Lelly Lou skirt in bold house graphics..

We had a beautiful weekend with my little munchkins and even managed to soak up some sun in the Adelaide Botanical Gardens.. Sooo beautiful at this time of the year.. Ella aka Lelly Lou wore the Lelly Lou skirt and it was lovely to receive so many comments from passers by..

Here are a few of my favourite pics of the day..

little mod cord skirt..

I know I've mentioned that I love jeans.. but did I mention that I love cord almost as much.. well, I've had a little play over the weekend and finally decided on the next kasiabear design.. this skirt will be available in a few colourways so keep an eye out.. in the meantime I thought I'd share the design...

It will be available in my madeit and etsy shops for $35 as soon as the colourways are finalised..