bowerbird bazaar..

Last Friday I managed to sneak out for a little while into the big smoke.. well Adelaide, so little smoke really... Anyway, I went to Bowerbird Bazaar :: a bazaar for designer makers to sell their art and wares to the public all under the one roof. a place for shoppers to buy unique design driven products. an event for networking, socialising and shopping :: It was sooo fantastic with so many fantastic wares and designers that I took the little man again on Sunday for another sneak peak.. I got some gorgeous fabric from 'Cloth Fabric' and I also got my first ever henna painting on my hand by the gorgeous 'Humna'. 

Being a photographer I also fell in love with these little gadgets that you can pop photos straight into and swap around and around instead of having to frame them. The company is called 'the curator' Great little idea for mums too that want to continuously update their kids pics.. I'll be getting some pretty soon I'm thinking.. 

Here are a couple of pics of my hand.. good night for now...

here comes easter..

So.. as an older sibling you kinda get the short end of the stick sometimes.. I wouldn't know from first hand experience as the youngest of two, but it sort of seems that way when I look at lil Lell. Easter is just around the corner so why not get the food colouring out and sneak in some easter egg painting I think to myself.. and then shortly after that... laugh at myself... as I look at my very very red hands..

Lil Lell had a ball though.. after almost exploding from trying to blow the guts out of the eggs.. she made a gorgeous little set... love you Lell..

ok... so i may have jinxed myself..

So I said it would be a month of madness.. but kind of hoped it would be a productive type of madness not one spending a night in emergency with my little man who is having difficulty breathing. It seems Zaccy is taking after his dad in the health department as a baby and when we arrive at emergency in our hospital the nurses greet us with "so we meet again.. looking gorgeous as always Zac.. what can we do for you today.."

It was a quick 6 hour visit this time.. but it still meant that I only just beat the sun home and got a total of 45 minutes sleep. So simply said.. production levels of any kind were at the lowest low and with Easter creeping up and Zaccy's birthday the weekend after, I think production is being put on hold..

Happy to say that our little man is responding to ventolin and breathing well again..

loving mr mushroom..

Printed some gorgeous fabrics last night.. pic to come soon..

Just thought I'd excuse myself for the next month or so from the facebook and blog world as I take over my shed and turn it into a little studio.. this unpacking and packing up around kids is proving faar too time consuming and I so need a workspace after Zaccy took over mine almost a year ago..

As I create my little space I will try to do a few posts of the transformation of the currently very run down shed at the end of our block..

Have Fun!!

the month of madness..

I thought once christmas was over for the year, it would all calm down around here for a while.. well.. with continuous sicknesses, the big boy taking on a couple enormous projects, me itching to get at creating for kasiabear kids, easter approaching, zaccy's first birthday creeping up and now me wanting to take over the shed so that I can have a little studio.. its madness here again.. but good madness.. its just a little tiring is all..

Feeling a lot better now that I have quickly put together Zaccy's invite... ready to print and post tomorrow...

off to see some beautiful cars...

soooo extremely excited.. going to check out some gorgeous cars tomorrow with my little girl... new t-shirt designs here we come.. "sorry zaccy.. you'll have to wait till next year". loving some of these flyers too...

a little sneak peak.. cushion covers...

It's pretty straight forward.. I love cushions.. and therefore love cushion covers..

Here is a little one I made today inbetween hanging out with my little guy.. washing.. cleaning.. cooking and taking Ella to a Wizzy Wizard birthday party...

front of the cushion.. 
front detail..

back of the cushion..

a little giveaway for a green t.. which one will it be..

As a little thank you to all my new facebook friends and fans and also my blog followers, I'd like to give away a little size 4 green t-shirt I printed last night, but I'd like you guys to pick the design which will be given away.. so here goes..

These are the two designs.. printed on exactly the same t-shirt style and size.. being size 4, and both printed in purple on a lime green t-shirt.. 'my trike' & 'my little flower garden'..

Soooo... what to do to be in the running to win one of these t-shirts...

  • vote which t-shirt you would prefer on the poll on this blog
  • follow this blog
  • facebook, blog or tweet about this givaway
  • become a fan of kasiabear on facebook
So.. get voting as the t-shirt with the most votes will be the one given away.. 

(please leave a separate comment on this blog for each entry)

Giveaway ends and will be drawn on March 31st, 2010. International entries are welcome. 

strawberry with a cherry on top please...

Here we go.. feel a lot better now.. a couple of girlie designs done.. now I can focus on the planes, trains and automobiles...

and the paint doesn't stop here..

here is a little painting by zaccy zac... can't overlook his creative side..

ella's latest artworks..

We've been a bit busy in the art department.. both with me working on designs for kasiabear kids and teaching Ella bits and bobs... she got some awesome art materials from santa and I'm not entirely sure who has been enjoying them more.. her or me...

loving geomag..

Ok.. I haven't done a post on toys lately and I'm loving these little guys that I got for my little Zaccy for Christmas... They are called GeoMag and are magnetic little shapes that you can build with etc.. they have a softer than normal white plastic section that the little guy loves chewing on and it also makes them somewhat quieter on the floorboards than most of the other plastic toys in our house..
but the best thing about these.. is that they live on the fridge.. soooo easy to clean up and put away :o) gotta love that!!

my mushrooms...

My little princess has been feeling a little left out each time I do a design.. so I had to do something girly for her... can't wait to print these on wednesday...

delicious ambiguity...

my jeep...

Had a kid free and husband free outing last night... very nice and rejuvenating mentally... but feeling a bit sleep deprived today.. oops..

anyhow... here is my next design.. inspired by last night..

I loooove jeeps..

a little fundraiser for a beautiful family..

A little while back we received a letter from my kids childcare centre informing us of a change of management.. reason being is that one of the beautiful girls who worked in the office was diagnosed with leukemia... me being ignorant and not really knowing much about the illness googled it and realised just how serious it really was and how much of an impact this will have on this little family.. Even closer to my heart was the fact that this ladies little girl is in my daughters room and I know her very well..

From the moment we stepped into this childcare centre to check it out I felt at home and put Ella on the books straight away. Its a wonderful family atmosphere and I love it for so many different reasons.. and even more so now when I found out that parents are donating goods to be sold at the centre to raise money for this beautiful family...

I wanted to add to this wonderful gesture and make some little t-shirts.. so here are the first four.. printed, washed 3 times just to make sure they're good and durable and ready to be delivered on Monday..

where has this week gone..

Ok.. this week has literally disappeared.. I got a fair bit done.. but it just went. My head has either been stuck in the computer trying to source a whole assortment of things for kasiabear kids or I've been mum.

My little girl turned 3 this week so there has been back to back celebrations including her family and friends party at a local park on Sunday, a day with mum on Monday which included shopping for all her mum's group pal's birthday presents (as they all turned 3 around the same time), chocolate doughnuts, visit to the pet shop and continuation of present unwrapping.. Then Tuesday was a joint birthday party for all the 1st generation mum's group kids at our place.. and more present unwrapping then dancing class... ok... understanding where the week went now..

I've had a ball setting up kasiabear kids.. on facebook, etsy and madeit and also starting on a couple of custom projects.. even better still.. I'm on this journey in parallel with one of my best friends from my high school days who now lives in Melbourne. Shan is also in the process of setting up a little handmade business called Missy Melly. It's really cool as we both have the same taste.. and are in the process of doing  the same thing in two different cities.. but funnily enough.. our ideas are very different. She's a mum of twin girls and is going on the gorgeous girly path and I'm taking the fun yet graphic approach with more of a focus on boys... check out her website which is now up and running.. Missy Melly.. ooooh.. and there is a giveaway happening at the moment for some gorgeous clips.. Love ya Shan and loving this little journey with you :o)

just because...

the first t-shirt order has been placed...

I'm so excited to share this little bit of info.. it took a little while as there were so many fun colours to choose from and sad to say... I couldn't have them all.. The choice was hard but I managed to limit myself to 6 colours which I will be very excited to see in real life when they arrive early next week..

I am currently testing out colour combinations, washability and wear of the paints and fabric I have chosen to work with and hoping to have some fun designs in my shop soon.. It's a bit of a long process, but I want to make sure that all of my items are durable and can handle a bit of rough treatment by their little owners..

So share in the fun of this little journey with me.. I love comments.. I love feedback and I'd love to hear of any designs you always wished you could have on a t-shirt for your little one and just never found..