beautiful quotes

"when i approach a child, he inspires in me two sentiments: tenderness for what he is and respect for what he may become." louis pasteur

Lil-L is going to be an astronaut... it all came about one day when we were getting out of the trampoline and she looked up and saw the moon. She asked me to lift her up to touch the moon. I wished I could have, but I am after all only 162cm tall. I apologised and explained to her that she would need to become an astronaut to touch the moon.. this was when she was just two years old.

Almost a year later she still remembers our little conversation and often talks about this and is quite dead set on becoming an astronaut. Who knows.. will keep you updated :o)

little squares..

I love these little squares Ella did last week for me!! One of my favourite pieces of her artwork...

a bouquet for ella's room..

Had a great time with Ella today making a bouquet of flowers for her room... she loves art, craft and getting messy in general!! she got hold of a packet of cupcake cases the other day and made them somewhat unusable for cupcakes, so I put them aside for a future project... alright.. so I couldn't bare to throw them out and was getting sick of them sitting on top of the bookshelf :o)

here is our little creation..

diy matchbook favors

these are so adorable... pity they're probably not appropriate as favors for a christening...
will have to remember them for another occasion... found them here

sooo white, clean & crisp...

ok.. so i love white too..

i soo wish i had a bigger house sometimes..
imagine these beautiful crisp white floors
i love this room!!

my friend got these for her birthday..
they are measuring cups!! how fantastic!!

urban ears... mmmm...

oh.. little man..

couple of Ella's chrissy decorations...

had to pack away christmas... so thought i would post these so i can have a look at them whenever i like

she is soooo sweet!!

love these red kids rooms...

just had a look at the design dazzle blogspot and fell in love... a few inspiring ideas for Ella's room I'm thinking.... hmmm....

love those little square shelves

soooo lovely and minimalist... hmmm..

little peter rabbit had a fly upon his nose...

lil'L just started singing this as we sit outside enjoying this glorious weather... really have no idea of the words or the song but am so loving learning them all and especially so when lil'L sings them is such an adorably sweet little voice.

My family migrated to Australia when I was 8 years old so I don't remember any of the nursery rhymes from Poland and was too old to learn the Australian ones... but am so loving this journey with my little monkeys!!!

beautiful quotes

"children reinvent your world for you." susan sarandon

so incredibly true... and in so many different ways... they reinvent the way you do things, the way you look at everything around you and also the way you manage to somehow exist on half the sleep (if not less) than you used to...


itty bitty blankie giveaway

the first giveaway is here.. the cutest itty bitty blankie...

I was given many loveys, blankies, teddies and cuddly things when both of my kids were born. Although adorable for their first year, they were all very big, bulky and a little too cutesey for my liking. I didn't want either of my kids to become dependent on these purely because of their size... but since, I have read a lot about the benefits of having a security object. 

I made one of these itty bitty blankies for Zaccy and when making it, remembered about the fascination kids have with tags so I thought I would add these too... if he never bonded with it, at least it was a good little sensory toy for him while he was a bub. 

So I would love to start my pre-launch giveaways with this little guy..


This itty bitty blankie is made with snuggly blue minky fabric on one side and a gorgeous floral design by Kitty Yoshida on the other. I have used gross-grain ribbons and included a matching ring to clip the blankie onto pram straps when on the move. The fabric section measures 13x13cm, which makes it just a lovely size to slip into any pocket. This would make a gorgeous baby shower gift or a newborn gift. 

For your chance to win this itty bitty blankie, leave a comment telling me what you think of this little idea as a permanent item for kasiabear kids.

If you really want to win you can earn up to 4 additional entries;
  • become a blog follower of kasiabear kids
  • write about this giveaway on your blog and leave the URL
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(please leave a separate comment for each entry)

Giveaway ends and will be drawn on February 1, 2010. International entries are welcome. 

who's your favourite hairdresser?

I am sooo very tired and exhausted after a 41 deg day spent at home with my little ones, parents and hubby... I think we all well and truly got cabin fever by the end of the day and it was pure chaos!! The only quiet moment was when my dad and EPL took Lil-L to the pool for a swim.

Cabin fever and chaos aside we still managed to get in so many laughs during the day that my stomach muscles are hurting once again.. I just had to share this one with you before I head off to the land of nod myself...

Lil-L and babu (my mum) are playing hairdressers... babu is combing Lil-L's hair and making her look pretty then its Lil-L's turn to play hairdresser so she simply says to babu...
"your not pretty.. you need to sit down so I can be your hairdresser"

This whole hairdresser thing started off when I was doing my final Christmas Pressie Drop-Off and took Lil-L with me to drop of a bottle of wine to my hairdresser. As we were walking out the door she turns around, looks straight at my dad (who is completely bald and the little hair he has, he shaves #1) and asks..
"who is your favourite hairdresser dziadzia? Followed up a couple days later with, "did a dentist cut your hair?"


beautiful quotes

"give a little love to a child and you get a great deal back." john ruskin

for my mama and tata...

You will never really know what kind of a parent you were or if you did it right or wrong. Never. And you will worry about this and them as long as you live. But when your children have children and you watch them do what they do, you will have part of an answer... robert fulghum

Having my parents back in the country after over a year of living in Australia completely family-less apart from my gorgeous husband and beautiful babies.. I am feeling really blessed to have them both back and in our everyday lives. The smiles that are shared between grandparent and grandchild is just an absolute pleasure to observe from a distance.

Each parent has a different approach and different style in parenting and although I may do a few things differently than my parents did.. I am who I am because of them and simply put it... I love my life.. I love my kids and I love being me..

Thanks mum & dad!!


welcome 2010!!

What a year 2009 was!! A complete and utter roller-coaster in our family... but so many wonderful memories were made during the ride, I am kind of sad that it's all over.. but simultaneously am so excited about what amazing adventures with my beautiful family 2010 will bring...

Wishing each and everyone of you a gloriously, beautiful, fun and laughter filled new year... treasure each and every second with your kids and loved ones... catalogue it in your head, so when you get old you can go through the filing cabinet and put a smile on your own face...

welcome 2010!!