500 who like kasiabear on facebook giveaway

OK.. so I no longer have fans.. I have people who like kasiabear.. which is kinda nice really.. and 502 of them.. WOW!!!

We'll, January 2010 I had a little pipe-dream of reaching 1000 followers/fans/friends by the official launch date of kasiabear on 4th of July 2010.. it really was a pipe-dream and reaching 500 fans really is amazing and I feel a little blown away at the moment.. thanks guys n gals!!

I promised a little giveaway and here are the items and winners below..

winner of the jeep printed tee is....
Mikila Roberts
mikila.. please message me with your postal address 
and your little mans tee size
and i'll print him a little jeep tee

winner of the strawberry printed 6x12'' fabric is...
Irene Aboul-Hosn
irene.. please message me with your postal address

winner of the little eco-party bag is...
Maree Hamilton
 maree.. please message me with your postal address and
choice of boy or girl party bag

and thats it from me for now guys.. congrats to all the winners!!
and thanks again for all your support guys!!


  1. Your so generous Kasia!! Can't wait to see you launch!!

    xo Steph

  2. hey chickie u won the 70's cool necklace from my blog - YAY!!! :)
    just contact me with your address and i shall post off to you lovely gal :}

    waving at you,



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