why kasiabear??

I was asked the question..

What is your Why? Why do you do what you do? What drives you? Do your customers know this?

Well, this is my answer:

I love design and I love making things with my hands.. Kasiabear combines all my loves in a nice package. I love experimenting and pushing the boundaries between mediums. I love that if one of my kiddos want something specific I can jump on the computer and then have a tee for them with their request later that day.

I get a warm fuzzy feeling each time my girl sees something in a shop and asks me if I can make it for her rather than just wanting it there and then.

I love when my friends kids ask their parents.. "can you please ask Kasia to make xxx" for me.

I love that everyone around sees an alternative to mass production because of what I do..

Ok.. I could seriously just keep typing but you get the idea...

I just wanted to share why I do what I do..

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