It's been a while again.. Seems like the year for it.. I've started writing quite a few posts, but I lost the 'little bit of me..' for a while, so needless to say they didn't get the {publish} button treatment.

I've been evaluating my lil biz and decided to get back to my true style. I've cut back on customs and have allowed my heart to take the lead again and it's paying off. I am working on a few more projects that are putting a big smile on my face and there are a few changes on the horizon.. I'll share as soon as a few of the paperwork bits are finalized, but head down and bum up for the time being..

Above are a new range of pendants I am working on and I just love how sometimes things work better than first imagined..

I'll be back soon to share a tid bit of exciting news and a new web addy you'll be seeing my words pop up on shortly.
Happy Tuesday

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  1. I'm excited to hear your news & see the new pieces you've got :) Sounds like you've been a busy bee :)


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