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Hello Lovelies.. its been a little while again. So much has been happening in my little world that I won't even attempt to rehash it all or summarise it. Lets just say that I have been head down bum up working on my new baby or should I say 'mother shop' which will look after the kasiabear brand.

The name.. {ink. paper. cloth.} I won't reveal it all just yet, as the launch is not till this Friday, but lets just say, it was time for the next step and I needed to do a little bit more with the teacher part within me and encourage others to create rather than do it all myself. I know how amazing it makes me feel, and I wanted to share that feeling.

Kasiabear is still here, just moving over to a new domain which you can get to from the old. I love making tees and love creating custom designs for those special moments and occasions.. just too much fun.

Kiddos are growing like mad and changing by the minute. Loving being a mumma to two little people that can now fully communicate, love watching them develop their own little personalities.. Life is sweet.. just mad busy.

So, if you are around this Friday morning.. pop over to the ink. paper. cloth. Facebook page and join in the launch celebrations. The launch will be at 10am Adelaide time.. and the new website should be all up and running after that time.

SO.. just for a little taste.. here are a few little sneaky peeks of what will be available..

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