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I am guessing that seeing this is my very first blog I should introduce my family. We are a small unit made up of four members. My husband 'epl' with an American background, myself 'kasiabear' with Polish background and our two beautiful babies born right here in Oz (who my world absolutely revolves around).. 2.5yo little girl 'lil-L' and our newest addition 4.5mo little man 'zaccy'.

I have started this blog as I never imagined being so in love with my kids and so dedicated to raising them in the very best way that I can possibly manage. I am forever reading books, magazines, searching the internet and listening to anything I can, just to absorb any new pieces of information that may come in handy in the future. I adore my kids but also love all the other little mites I come across and if what I write here, can: help, inspire, teach, enlighten or just amuse other mothers out there so they, in turn, can make their babies lives better in some way.. then this was worth my time... believe me, my family is not perfect, but I choose to work hard at making our lives as wonderful as I can with what I have.

Enjoy my posts and take what you can out them to make your life just that little bit nicer, easier, funnier...

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