do you doodle?

I seriously cannot sit still. When I'm not doing anything I am still either on the iPhone playing with photos or if the kids are doing any sort of craft or art and I am sitting at the table with them, I have my black texta and I doodle. I come up with some cool stuff but seeing there is no purpose behind it, the doodles just get tossed out. I'm no good at freehand drawing as such, as most of my designs are done on the computer, but there is just something so cool about hand drawn art and illustrations.

I've decided to doodle with purpose this coming year and have punched out a heap of shapes out of scrap paper, using some of my mega punches, and I have a stash near our table.. Meaning I'll grab one of these and just doodle on them.

Still no idea what I'll do with them.. But it will be cool to look back on at the end of the year if nothing else. So above are a couple of doodles I did today in-between coloring in with Lell.

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