what do you do with your old mags..

Since buying our house a few years ago, the one thing I missed about renting for a couple of the first years, was decluttering at each move. I then decided that the week between Christmas and new years would be called 'clean fest'. I go through each nook and cupboard in the house and shed unnecessary clutter and stuff.

When it comes to magazines, I'm a flicker. I rarely read, I just flick. I now only have a couple of subscriptions, but still manage to build a lovely mountain of them by the end of each year. It never seems right to throw them out as I just never feel like I've got my money's worth..

What I did decide a couple of years back, after spending a good few nights in hospital with the little guy, is to donate them to the women's and children's hospital. A couple of piles go to our kindy and the kids cut up a few too.. So all round, it makes parting with them a whole lot easier.

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  1. I recycle my Essence Magazines (Australian Breastfeeding Association magazine) by gifting them to our local Doctors Surgery.


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