{us..} wow!! what a month..

What a whirlwind of a month in our lil family.. My tiny girl started school, I became a school mum, or should I say 'PA to a school kid', my lil man started toilet training, I joined the gym, hubby had knee surgery and now we are heading into 'Party March'.

Ella kicks the month off with the first birthday and no kidding, I think 90% of her friends have a birthday in March. So today we are keeping cool and getting goodie bags ready for her fairy party..

Each bag is a tiny handbag and we're making tiny 'fairy sized' things to go into them, including a tiny fairy dust bottles.

Seeing I missed sharing our awesome moment of first day of school with you.. Here are a few of my favorite snaps..

She looked so cute, I could have munched her all up!!

So glad I didn't go for the school backpack!! This one looks huge enough..

Checking out her new pencil case..

and we can't forget the lil man.. He's still gearing up to be the next Steve Irwin.. There's even talk of getting a pet snake, but that's a whole post in its own..

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