there's hope for us yet..

There's nothing that brings more buzz into a household than miss chatterbox turning 5!! We had a full day of celebration on thursday with pressie opening before school, a basket of freddo frogs and lollipops for Ella's classmates, return home to open up the next bundle of gifts, a gorgeous handmedown doll house arriving from the girls next door, then an evening with close family friends, more pressies and finished off with an ice cream cake.

I'm surprised our little birthday princess managed to fall asleep that night.

So now we head into party central.. Off to a friends roller-skating party and then miss Ella's party tomorrow, I think I'm all organized finally. Finished all the goodies and thank you bags for her mates an THE cake of the century arrives tonight from the amazing Belinda from Belz Bakes. Can't wait to see it!!

BUT... THE most exciting thing for me as a mumma is the fact that our 5 year old has started eating veggies again!!! There's hope yet!!


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  1. Yay, a Happy Belated Birthday to your little Miss 5!
    And i'm so pleased to hear she is eating veggies again... our kids (aged 2 & 3) have just 'quit the veg' so I'm feeling relieved to know there WILL come a time when they are no longer tossed on the floor! ;)


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