party... schmarty..

Ok.. Officially partied out! The kiddos social schedule is killing me!! Every weekend for the last 3 and next 4 is booked with at least one party.. If not four. Help me out here guys.. I never planned to be a taxi driver!!

Rant Over.. Back to reality. My computer has finally kicked the bucket so I'm on the hunt for a new one.. Which kind puts me in a grinding halt as far as design work goes for a few days, so I hit the pencils and started working on some mixed media canvasses for a friends lil girl. Loving the feel of glue, paint, ink and paper in my hands. Such a nice change.

Funny how an iPhone can do almost everything a computer does these days though..


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  1. Add an iPad and you almost don't need a computer !
    No help on the kids schedule - sorry!


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