{us..} baby bear turns three..

Yesterday my sweet little guy celebrated his third birthday.. I get all mushy each year when my babies celebrate a birthday and yesterday was no exception.. I started off my day at 5:30am with just me and the birthday boy with super long cuddles on the couch, as we do each morning before the 'big' ones get up. I gave him one of his pressies (another dinosaur for his collection) and we hung out in our jimmy jams.

He celebrated with his buddies at kindy and then we had a little celebration at home.. He was just so happy and chuffed with each present he received. He woke me up bright and early again this morning and asked if he could have his birthday for 'a little more'.. too sweet!!

His bug hunting expedition party is yet to come, but yesterday was just super sweet!!


  1. How gorgeous! Bug hunting party sounds awesome. Looking forward to seeing some pics.

  2. Happy birthday to your sweet boy. Looking forward to his bug party!! x


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