who's your favourite hairdresser?

I am sooo very tired and exhausted after a 41 deg day spent at home with my little ones, parents and hubby... I think we all well and truly got cabin fever by the end of the day and it was pure chaos!! The only quiet moment was when my dad and EPL took Lil-L to the pool for a swim.

Cabin fever and chaos aside we still managed to get in so many laughs during the day that my stomach muscles are hurting once again.. I just had to share this one with you before I head off to the land of nod myself...

Lil-L and babu (my mum) are playing hairdressers... babu is combing Lil-L's hair and making her look pretty then its Lil-L's turn to play hairdresser so she simply says to babu...
"your not pretty.. you need to sit down so I can be your hairdresser"

This whole hairdresser thing started off when I was doing my final Christmas Pressie Drop-Off and took Lil-L with me to drop of a bottle of wine to my hairdresser. As we were walking out the door she turns around, looks straight at my dad (who is completely bald and the little hair he has, he shaves #1) and asks..
"who is your favourite hairdresser dziadzia? Followed up a couple days later with, "did a dentist cut your hair?"


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