for my mama and tata...

You will never really know what kind of a parent you were or if you did it right or wrong. Never. And you will worry about this and them as long as you live. But when your children have children and you watch them do what they do, you will have part of an answer... robert fulghum

Having my parents back in the country after over a year of living in Australia completely family-less apart from my gorgeous husband and beautiful babies.. I am feeling really blessed to have them both back and in our everyday lives. The smiles that are shared between grandparent and grandchild is just an absolute pleasure to observe from a distance.

Each parent has a different approach and different style in parenting and although I may do a few things differently than my parents did.. I am who I am because of them and simply put it... I love my life.. I love my kids and I love being me..

Thanks mum & dad!!


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