little mod cord skirt..

I know I've mentioned that I love jeans.. but did I mention that I love cord almost as much.. well, I've had a little play over the weekend and finally decided on the next kasiabear design.. this skirt will be available in a few colourways so keep an eye out.. in the meantime I thought I'd share the design...

It will be available in my madeit and etsy shops for $35 as soon as the colourways are finalised..


  1. You and I have far far far too much in common!! I love purple and green cord.. all cord but those more. I can't move away from denim either LOL... are you my twin?

    xo Steph

  2. thanks Tish!! and Steph.. who knows.. sometimes there are parallel lives.. but twins.. it'd have to be like danny devito and arnie.. i'm the short one.. no seriously, i love this combo and especially that i'm not the hugest fan of purple but my daughter looooves it, so i can't restrict her choices.. but when making clothes can combine her fave colour and my style which seems to work quite well..


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