toilet training adventures

Toilet training has seriously been one of the funniest adventures in my life.. and it continues... I am hoping to be done by age 3 for lil-L purely so that she can enter the world of coloured balls in IKEA when we go shopping... just kidding...

I think I spent 90% of my waking hours in the toilet for two solid weeks when lil-L first started toilet training... and that was a loooot of hours seeing my little angels were not sleeping at all well at this stage.

The first days were truly funny! Not long after we started, lil-L did a seriously ingenious thing.. She did not know how to open doors at this stage and we had forgot to leave the toilet door open for her. I was busy changing Zaccy and she was busting to go to the toilet. Knowing that I couldn't leave him on the change table, she didn't even ask to go to the toilet, but instead, got one of her pull-ups out of the drawer and put it on, did a wee in it, took it back off again and gave it to me to put in the bin... I would have never thought of that... my little legend!!

After a mums group gathering with 8 kids all lil-L's age, their mums and now 5 new siblings.. chaos as you can imagine, the hosting mum yells out to the kids "if you do a poo on the toilet you get Smarties in this house!" So lil-L runs for the toilet.. not the slightest clue what Smarties are mind you.. but never the less.. runs for the toilet and yes... she managed to squeeze one out, despite already achieving one at home before we left.. so now she knows what Smarties ('farties' as she calls them) are.

So now lil-L believes that doing a #2 on the toilet deserves a reward of some kind.. I gave in and we got some of those Natural Confectionery Dinosaurs.

So she is sitting on the toilet the other day... doing a #2 and I am squatting down in front of her to assist her if needed. She was having a little trouble but was determined to get her hands on that dinosaur.. "My do it my-by-self, go away, make some dinner" comes flying out her gorgeous little mouth.. I was dumbfounded and seriously had no response... so I went and made dinner.

I was sitting on the toilet a few days later doing a #2 and she comes in and squats down in front of me as I do when she is on the toilet and says "I'm just helping you".
So I reply as she does to me, "I'm alright, I do it my-by-self, I'll let you know if I need your help".
She doesn't budge... "go make your dolls some dinner lil-L, I think they're hungry" I add...
no, she's still there... so I continue.
I'm done and reach for the toilet paper... my hand gets nudged out the way and she gets a hold of the toilet paper "I wipe your bottom, just to make sure you don't get poo everywhere"... (is this what I sound like?)

As frustrating as toilet training is sometimes, and especially accidents, you've gotta look on the bright side.. it is kinda funny too, and face it.. you only go through it once.

Enjoy it when your time comes!!


  1. Oh no, I bet you're really looking forward to the day when you get to go to the toilet by yourself. I don't quite know when that happens - my 6 year old still follows me in to make sure I'm not having a good time without her.

  2. love should try it with twins. double the helpers and double the laughs xx

  3. Oh Kasia, tears are streaming down my face as I read the last part; in fact its quite hard to type when you cant stop laughing!

    We started toliet training this week {I blogged about the new potty}. However my 2 yr old bottom is tooo big for the pint sized potty I bought, so it has since become a toy box and we are tackling the big peoples loo.... TOILET PAPER EVERYWHERE!
    Love ya stories!


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