best dollar ever spent

I keep reading about just giving in to the obsession kids have with pulling tissues out of tissue boxes for shear amusement of the child and five minutes to yourself.

Well... I needed a few minutes the other day (well a lot more actually) and I remembered the tissue box which was sitting peacefully on our bedside table as I tried to fold a few clothes while singing and dancing to my now crawling super zac... needless to say the singing and dancing while folding laundry was not as entertaining as I hoped it would be, and face it.. the bed was just too high off the ground for me to continue this lame form of entertainment.. after all, I have no musical bone in my body and certainly cannot dance to save my life...


So I gave in... and got sooo much more than 5 minutes!! I got the laundry done and zaccy zac just loooved this sensory experience (as you can see by the excessive drool marks on his bondsies). And for those environmentally conscious.. I saved the tissues as they were all clean for wiping up of little mishaps that happen around our house.

absolutely the best dollar ever spent!!

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