my first birthday as a mother of two

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday for the first time as a mother of two... it was just heaven! The kids weren't any nicer than normal.. they were just themselves and thats what made it so special. Daddy had organised a voucher from them for me to have a hot stone massage (something I've been wanting to do for ever) and a full facial (something that I never really intended to do in my life) and Lil-L refused to give me the present or the card she made for me :o) Eventually I got it and read the little book that came with the voucher about all these amazing things they have on offer at this new Wellness Centre.. wow!!

We headed off to mothers group and due to sicknesses there was only three of us so the girls sang me Happy Birthday and blew out my candles for me.. ate all the teddy bear cupcakes that S worked so hard at making for me... again... gorgeous as their little chocolate covered faces made me smile far more than consuming the decorations myself would have.

Both Lil-L and Zaccy slept for me beautifully when we got home and gave me a chance to have a bit of me time. A couple of my closest friends dropped by. Auntie G looked after the munchkins while me and EPL went out for a kid free dinner. When we got back I got to have a good old chat with Auntie G a great day in a nutshell...

What absolutely made my day though was when Auntie G and myself were giving Lil-L a bath and she said that I needed to soak my feet in her bath... so I did.. then she said I needed to take off the prickles off my legs... so I did.. then she told me to put keeem (cream) on my legs... so I did... and when I made the comment following this spontaneous pampering of "I love birthdays, I wish I had more".. Lil-L casually replied, "Santa can give you more birthdays". I just love her to bits!!

Have fun guys!! I sure am!!

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