fave finds for christmas

I've been a bit flat out fixing my hubbys computer.. in short... I soo love my mac!!! I just wanted to get these goodies on my blog asap so there is still time before chrissy to order them.
The website to check out is www.thehipinfant.com.au. They have some amazingly gorgeous stuff and really well priced.. I'll try and put up as many of my fave finds before little feet come tapping down the hallway to find me..

Goki House Wooden Shape Sorter.. the cutest shape sorter ever!! and its made out of wood which is even lovelier!!

Hip Stuff Bowling Set Giraffe.. just amazingly cute!!!! and so unique!

Hip Stuff Milk Tooth Holder Cat.. only $4.95... the best stocking filler ever!!! again so much sweeter than other tooth boxes i have seen

Goki Shaker Building Blocks.. two in one really, you get the rattles and building blocks in one. wish we didn't have so many building blocks or that one would most certainly be added to the toy box!!

Hip Stuff Wooden Fire Engine.. you can't go wrong with this one at $12.95, after all its red and wood and just stunning!!

Janod Magnetic Aeroplane.. this is my absolute favourite of them all... you will soon realise that i love planes and this has it all.. its wood, its magnetic and its a plane.

Sparkle T Party Favours Cheeky Monkey Whistles (set 6).. the hip infant has some great party favours too, check out that section great alternative for lolly bags!!! these are only $12 for a set of 6

Alimrose Handsqueaker Horse Denim.. both my babies had these... well zaccy still does... 
its a great toy to leave in the cot for them to play with when they wake up. lovely, safe, soft and a great toy to put in their memory box when its all over. 

Haba Clutching Toy Buzz Buzz.. these are just adorable and absolutely timeless. 

I could stay here for ever and pick out stuff from this site, but little zaccy is starting to chat to himself and will be calling out for me any sec.. so must wrap this up... seriously.. check out this site there are some great finds here
over and out and back to my favourite job in the world... mother
i got me a promotion too just last weekend.. the little guy is off and racing.. well crawling

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  1. oooo i love the hip infant and all of the gorgeous things you have posted. how great is christmas with the kids around. miss you already xxx


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