fave finds for christmas

Alright... so its no secret that I love my kids and am slightly obsessed with sourcing the most adorable, exciting, educational and amazing things I can possibly find and afford... Christmas is not far away and I am happy to say that I am done.. and dusted!! as far as Christmas shopping goes.

I don't like shops, and thats not a secret either!! I hate spending valuable daylight hours walking around shops that are loaded with run of the mill toys and even worse.. branded toys. I have a marketing background and understand where these guys are coming from, but what my child watches on TV or at the movies etc does not need to plastered all over their clothing... just needed to get that out!

Online shopping was the go this year. I searched and found some amazing toys and would love to share them with you, as well as some really cool online shops..

My Fave Finds

Geomag G-baby
available at www.urbanbaby.com.au

The Geomag range of G-baby toys is a unique play system, where all the magnetic pieces work together in different ways. Use them in the bath, on the playmat or in the stroller - the possibilities are endless. Each G-baby element is made in Switzerland of Makrolon, a unique plastic with the highest level of reliability and safety.

A G-baby toy helps to develop your child's gross motor skills and imagination. Suitable for babies 9 months +

It's the perfect gift for a newborn, or for a first birthday party - a toy that will grow with your child's imagination.

available at www.urbanbaby.com.au

This range has quite a few fab items but these are my absolute favourite!!

Micador early stART Link & Learn are colourful shapes that click or link together for fun and educational play. They are designed just for 2 to 4 year olds and are safe and easy to use.

Link & Learn helps develop fine motor skills and creative expression in children through construction. The possibilities for unique creations are endless. They are also designed to develop problem solving and colour recognition, and they can be used as an aid to counting.

I just couldn't wait for Christmas with these when they arrived.. lil-L just loves them!!!

Badger Range
available at www.urbanbaby.com.au

After ordering the night night balm for lil-L and realising how amazing these products were, I ended up getting the whole set. My absolute favourite is the anti-bug-balm. I've put a bit of info about the anti-bug-balm below, but you have to check out this range for yourself! This would be a great gift for a new mom!!

Australia... summer... flies. Yes we all hate them, so you slather yourself and the children in chemicals to ward them off. Sure, we don't like the chemicals, but we hate the flies more! Not to mention those buzzing bloodsuckers, the mozzies.

Well, guess what - Badger Anti-Bug balm, with a great new formulation, is blended to strike fear in the hearts of biting insects everywhere.

It smells good, feels good, soothes dry skin & it works. What else do you need to know? Oh yeah, it's 100% natural, and nearly all organic, and totally good.

Online Shops

www.etsy.com.au - great handmade stuff for the whole family










alright guys... I'm off to bed, I will post some more of my fave finds as soon as time allows..

happy shopping!!

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