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Easter has many different meanings to people but I'm betting there was a good amount of chocolate around your house nonetheless... We did the easter egg hunt on Sunday morning and the kids indulged in a fair bit of chocolate that day. Then all the eggs were put up high in their baskets and dad was allocated the 'keeper of the eggs'. In other words.. mum shed's all responsibility and refuses to deal with whinging and there's no point cause she's too short to reach them anyway.

I am a self confessed chocolate addict, you seriously cannot leave chocolate lying around or I will eat it. I have absolutely no self control, so for my purposes the 'out of sight and reach' method works well. 

My absolute irresistible favourite brands are.. 

{hersheys} peanut butter cups
{baci} perugina
{lindt} milk chocolate.. or the orange

What brands are your favourite?? What can't you walk past.. or are you like those one in a gazillion people like my hubby who doesn't touch the stuff.. yep that's why I married him :o)

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  1. Oh Lindt chocolate is yummy!
    I don't get peanut butter though - and not even covering it in chocolate will convince me! LOL
    Thanks for the fun Linky - looking forward to next weeks one for sure! x

  2. ferrero rocher is my absolute top! although peanut butter cups are up there too!


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