{this week i'm grateful for..} my lifestyle..

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We've had a crazy couple of months of birthdays and birthday parties.. the big boy got man-flu (and we all know how that goes), but its calming down and getting back to norm.. our norm. This week has been all about getting us back on track as far as paperwork, reorganising the house, making plans for the big overhaul of the back room and back shed. So it was head down, bum up for me.

This week I'm so grateful for my lifestyle.. it's different but a nice kind of different.. 
{1} I'm grateful for having a varied lifestyle that I can choose my own path in..  
{2} I'm grateful for not having to work for someone else.. 
{3} I'm grateful for being able to be there for my kids when they need me.. 
{4} I'm grateful for having friends who are studying massage and want to clock up their practical hours on me.. omg.. I needed that massage this week. 
{5} I'm grateful for having a space I can work on turning into a little studio so that I can work from home.. I love this little space above.. cuuute!!
{6} I'm grateful that although the big boy has man flu.. the kiddos give me a super amount of cuddles to make me feel loved.. they've even both been sleeping in our bed with me the last few nights.. It's like having two little wheat bags on either side of me.. 

What are you grateful for.. hop over to Maxabella Loves and join in..


  1. Oh pick me pick me - does your friend need any more models to practise on??? ahhhhh...
    your little wheat bags sound so nice - I have a slightly bigger version in my bed last night - and for once she was remarkeable squirm-free. It was really quite nice :-)
    have a great weekend

  2. Oh my for a second there I thought this gorgeous little studio WAS yours... and I was turning a dark shade of green! ;)
    It's fabulous {I want one - outdoor chair and refreshments included!}
    Beautiful list of grateful! x


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