{quick three..} kitchen appliances..

Kitchen appliances.. I don't know about you but most of mine are hidden away out of sight.. I Don't like benchtop clutter, infact the idea of things living permanently on my benchtop has put me off buying a lot of applianced I'd really like to have.

A couple of years ago I gave in and bought the Thermomix and yessum, it is all its cracked up to be. It makes risotto in 17minutes without you having to stir it once, it makes the best bluberry sorbet in summer and it makes perfect lumpless custard each and every time. Big breath.. and it lives on the bench top.

This year I have decided to take the plunge and get a coffee machine which too will have to live on the benchtop.. eeek. So in saying that it most certainly has to do the job and look good. Each time I embark on the search I get overwhelmed and give up, but I think I have finally found my match.. I need to do a little bit more homework as to what the quality of coffee is like but visually.. Oh me, Oh my.. this guy looks nice!!

So this week the quick three are the appliances that are allowed to stay on the bench top.. and the ONLY three!!

{1} Coffee Machine..
{2} Thermomix..
{3} Kettle..

What are your benchtop buddies? Or what are your most used kitchen appliances??

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  1. Oh dear, I can see how that gorgeous red coloured coffee machine is totally sucking you in. Looks fab! But can it make a good cup of cwwafffeeee & is it easy to clean......prob can't go into the dishwasher can it?
    I too love my clean & clear kitchen bench. Lucky I don't have enough bench space to allow me to have an appliance permanetly on display. A blessing in disguise I think (except when there are 2 people trying to cook!)


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