{snippets} of our weekend..

Another lovely family weekend.. We hung out with no plans on sat. All the craft boxes and playdough were out as it was a little miserable outside..

Sunday we spent most of the day at a friends place to celebrate a 5th birthday.. Animal Capers bought along a snake, lizard, possum, ferret, squirrel glider, a frogmouth owl and a baby crocodile.. And yep.. Mumma was required to hold the snake and crocodile.. Oh the things I do fir these monkeys..

Zac was completely in his element.. He's been watching documentaries on snakes and crocodiles over kids telly for the past few weeks, so now he got to see and touch the real deal..

Ella in her usual self.. Sat back and watched. She patted a couple of the animals and although she didn't jump into all the action, felt ok. The fear of all things living other than humans is finally gone. So although I would have much preferred to do the same with the snake and croc I pushed myself a little too.

Joining in with point + shoot over at sunny & scout..


  1. Your certainly one very Awesome Mumma!
    You wouldn't get this mumma holding any of them lol.

  2. what lovely photos, looks like a great day.

  3. He's braver than me when it comes to reptiles! Hope you have a great week :)


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