the once wine rack..

My little man has been pretty sick lately and has had a lot of time with mum to himself.. me being me and not being able to sit still and always needing to be productive in some sort of way, have cleaned out and resorted almost all of the little guys toys... Zaccy has loved helping me out, which has made it so much more fun for me... so we get to play and I get to be productive at the same time.

When my daughter became mobile two and a half years ago, our wine rack had to be cleared of all wine bottles and sat empty for a little while collecting dust.. until one day Ella popped one of her small toys in one of the holes.. Genius!!!

The once wine rack soon became a toy storage facility with lots of little compartments. The slots are quite deep and can actually fit a lot of little toys in them, meaning a small collection of toys can be kept together, such as the family of turtles or soft chickens or rubber ducks. The kids love it as they can put things in the little holes and take them out as they please, and for us its nice and easy for the evening pickup of toys as we don't have to lug everything back to their rooms.

So this little area was one we tackled the other day.. I thought I'd share this little idea as everyone that visits us looooves it, and so do we :o)

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