shopping adventure...

Had a great day shopping on Friday for art supplies... I hadn't stepped into some of these art shops since my last exhibition 6 years ago, and some since my days at uni. I started a screen printing course this week, to refresh myself on all the in and outs of the process.. If I hadn't already mentioned, I'm in the process of setting up a little business 'kasiabear kids' making simple, fun clothing and accessories for kids. You can check out more details on my other blog.

I hadn't really done anything creative since leaving official employment over a year ago to have my second bub, and even then, I had been at this job for so long, that what I did do just seemed like a production line of designs that I really had not a great deal of control over.

I'm loving being creative again, its refreshed me more than I could have ever imagined, and the freedom that comes with working for yourself is so comforting. I can create designs and not have to ask anyone for approval. I know that when I do a design it's my own and hasn't been influenced by someone's limiting brief.

Loving life at the moment, even though my little family is plodding through another round of sicknesses.. I feel alive again..

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