introducing kasiabear kids

kasiabear kids

is all about fun.. the simple sort of fun that people just tend to overlook...
its about wearing fairy wings to the supermarket..
its about dressing up as a fireman and going to the park..
its about skipping around the block instead of taking a walk..
kasiabear kids
is clothing and accessories that will make you smile...
you can check out the kasiabear kids blog here

I am a mum of two beautiful kids, Ella my soon to be 3 year old girl and Zaccy my 9 month old little guy... I love them to bits and want to make their childhood an adventure, a journey filled with fun and laughter while they learn about the world.

My background is graphic design and photography, so in short.. I'm a visual sort of person. I like things to look nice, I love dressing my kids up, just so I can take gorgeous photos of them in the park for no special occasion apart from it being a Tuesday. There are some great kids clothes out there and I have a lot of fun trying to 'hunt' them down... and often by the time I do my kids have grown out of the sizes available...

... So I decided to create my own fun clothes and accessories for kids including BOY's... yes BOY's clothes, as there only seems to be a very limited amount of anything for little guys that is not, either branded with the latest cartoon character or make a baby look like a miniature grandpa in brown pants and checkered shirts or brown t-shirts...

so here goes... my official launch date is the 4th of July 2010 but I would love to share my journey with you and love feedback on the items I create along the way..

A mum only really has 5 years with her kids when she can truly submerse herself if everything they do 24/7 and have any sort of influence how they spend their day. Then they head off to school and wear a school uniform.. then university maybe.. then to work where (in general) you have to be kind of serious and fun becomes something you have on weekends...

so have fun now... any minute you can.. have fun!!

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