40 bags in 40 days.. progress

Love, love.. LOVING this challenge.. Instead of dreading cleaning and tidying.. I'm getting excited about filling my designated bin with junk.. I've even started photographing the full bins.

Everything that is left behind has a lovely spacious home and I know it's location. Next will be beautifying all the nooks to keep me motivated to keep them organized and tidy.

I'm sure I've mentioned {i heart organizing} before, it's one of my fave blogs and I love getting Jens emails about new projects she is taking on.. AND better still.. Jen seems to have a mild obsession with IKEA, so our decorating styles are quite similar.

I'm off to tackle another nook..


  1. Excellent! I can't believe you can make it to 40... that's a lot of excess baggage!! x

  2. Lol.. I think there might be more than 40..


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