{us..} air dry clay..

My kiddos are positively in love with mr maker.. Apart from him making cool stuff he challenges 'mum' to play with new mediums and often results in a trip to the art shop. This week mr maker made some monsters using air dry clay and cotton tips.. Ours didn't get to the finished stage as all the cotton tips fell out before we painted them, but we DID have some clay left to play with. We made some tiny dishes with patterns pressed into them and also some little pendants. Certainly a new medium for me, but it was a LOT of fun to play with.


  1. We are total Mr Maker fans at our place. His incessant cheeriness does my head in, but I am happy because the girls can't get enough (the boy, not so much... why is that, I wonder?!). Your little dishes are just lovely. x

  2. Gorgeous dishes! I loved using clay and printing doilies, etc into them at Christmas time for decos and maybe I need to try little bowls next as these are adorable. Thanks for the inspiration. My kids love Mr Maker too!


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