40 bags in 40 days.. progress..

Still full steam ahead with the clutter-cull in the house.. The kitchen was the target today and although a few bags full have gone there is still the pantry.. Loving my Tupperware drawer again..


  1. Wow, you're really doing it! Good on you - I bet you're feeling amazing (if not still a little daunted!)

    My Badoo wore here Kasiabear '3' t-shirt all this weekend. I love it and it is wearing SO well. The quality is fantastic. Thank you. x

  2. Thanks hon!! Glad she loves it!!

    The declutter has became a bit of an obsession.. But it is feeling fantastic knowing what I have and where it is again.

  3. Great job Kasia :)))))
    I did a BIG clean out whilst nesting at the end of my pregnancy & was amazed at how much I chucked/or donated from my Tupperware/plastics draw! It's so much easier having it organised now....the amount of time I'm saving, not having to dig through for mix matched lids LOL!!!
    You've inspired me to do another clean out of the cupboards again!


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