{us..} botanical gardens..

Adelaide is somewhat.. HOT today, so we set out super early for a little bit of {us..} time to the botanical gardens this morning. I just can't seem to soak up enough of my babies smiles at the moment, and in a magical place like the gardens.. It's just bliss. Their amazement of all those little things like finding a feather, touching a giant water lily leaf and walking through a 'tree tunnel' just nourishes my soul.

A big bonus for mumma was checking out the renovated nature museum. I just adore how everything is so beautifully displayed.. It's only small, but I could get lost in there for hours. Might just have to add this to a {me..} day list.

Hope you are enjoying 2012 so far.. It feels like it will be a wonderful year for us!


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  1. Aha! I forgot how fab the museum can be for an excursion. Thanks Kasia.

    Happy new sparkly, shiny new year to you! x


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