ok... so i may have jinxed myself..

So I said it would be a month of madness.. but kind of hoped it would be a productive type of madness not one spending a night in emergency with my little man who is having difficulty breathing. It seems Zaccy is taking after his dad in the health department as a baby and when we arrive at emergency in our hospital the nurses greet us with "so we meet again.. looking gorgeous as always Zac.. what can we do for you today.."

It was a quick 6 hour visit this time.. but it still meant that I only just beat the sun home and got a total of 45 minutes sleep. So simply said.. production levels of any kind were at the lowest low and with Easter creeping up and Zaccy's birthday the weekend after, I think production is being put on hold..

Happy to say that our little man is responding to ventolin and breathing well again..

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  1. Oh, that must have been frightening. I hope your gorgeous boy recovers quickly and the hospital visits become less frequent.


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