a little sneak peak.. cushion covers...

It's pretty straight forward.. I love cushions.. and therefore love cushion covers..

Here is a little one I made today inbetween hanging out with my little guy.. washing.. cleaning.. cooking and taking Ella to a Wizzy Wizard birthday party...

front of the cushion.. 
front detail..

back of the cushion..


  1. Funky! If you ever make a waterproof, boy-proof one that can withstand being thrown around, and used to beat a brother, father and mother over the head - I'm in!

  2. hmmmm... double leather... then waterproof it :o) i did get some fantastic bean bags for the kids for chrissy and they are fake leather.. but seem very durable.. holding out to zaccy's chewing better than the chairs and lounge at the moment :o) the tag on them is '4boys'... xx k

  3. you did all that in a day between washing and cleaning, that is amazing, they look really cool.


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