where has this week gone..

Ok.. this week has literally disappeared.. I got a fair bit done.. but it just went. My head has either been stuck in the computer trying to source a whole assortment of things for kasiabear kids or I've been mum.

My little girl turned 3 this week so there has been back to back celebrations including her family and friends party at a local park on Sunday, a day with mum on Monday which included shopping for all her mum's group pal's birthday presents (as they all turned 3 around the same time), chocolate doughnuts, visit to the pet shop and continuation of present unwrapping.. Then Tuesday was a joint birthday party for all the 1st generation mum's group kids at our place.. and more present unwrapping then dancing class... ok... understanding where the week went now..

I've had a ball setting up kasiabear kids.. on facebook, etsy and madeit and also starting on a couple of custom projects.. even better still.. I'm on this journey in parallel with one of my best friends from my high school days who now lives in Melbourne. Shan is also in the process of setting up a little handmade business called Missy Melly. It's really cool as we both have the same taste.. and are in the process of doing  the same thing in two different cities.. but funnily enough.. our ideas are very different. She's a mum of twin girls and is going on the gorgeous girly path and I'm taking the fun yet graphic approach with more of a focus on boys... check out her website which is now up and running.. Missy Melly.. ooooh.. and there is a giveaway happening at the moment for some gorgeous clips.. Love ya Shan and loving this little journey with you :o)


  1. wow - sounds like you've been busy! i definitely have those weeks where I'm like, where has the time gone??

  2. ooooo kasia you're making me cry

    love you too and all that you are doing

    you are an amazing person and i am truly blessed to have you in my life

    love you xxx


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