the first t-shirt order has been placed...

I'm so excited to share this little bit of info.. it took a little while as there were so many fun colours to choose from and sad to say... I couldn't have them all.. The choice was hard but I managed to limit myself to 6 colours which I will be very excited to see in real life when they arrive early next week..

I am currently testing out colour combinations, washability and wear of the paints and fabric I have chosen to work with and hoping to have some fun designs in my shop soon.. It's a bit of a long process, but I want to make sure that all of my items are durable and can handle a bit of rough treatment by their little owners..

So share in the fun of this little journey with me.. I love comments.. I love feedback and I'd love to hear of any designs you always wished you could have on a t-shirt for your little one and just never found..

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