a little fundraiser for a beautiful family..

A little while back we received a letter from my kids childcare centre informing us of a change of management.. reason being is that one of the beautiful girls who worked in the office was diagnosed with leukemia... me being ignorant and not really knowing much about the illness googled it and realised just how serious it really was and how much of an impact this will have on this little family.. Even closer to my heart was the fact that this ladies little girl is in my daughters room and I know her very well..

From the moment we stepped into this childcare centre to check it out I felt at home and put Ella on the books straight away. Its a wonderful family atmosphere and I love it for so many different reasons.. and even more so now when I found out that parents are donating goods to be sold at the centre to raise money for this beautiful family...

I wanted to add to this wonderful gesture and make some little t-shirts.. so here are the first four.. printed, washed 3 times just to make sure they're good and durable and ready to be delivered on Monday..


  1. What a fantasticly generous thing you are doing. My little baby girl was diagnosed with Leukaemia last year and our Kinder community have been so incredibly generous and supportive. The shirts are gorgeous....love the blue one the best!

  2. Hi Ella's Mum,
    What a small world it is! I stumbled across your blog through a link on facebook and thought the story sounded very familiar. I didn't realise the centre was doing a fundraiser but will definately make a donation. Thank you very much for the birthday present Ella got for Sienna ~ I hope Ella's birthday party went well!
    Peta (Sienna's Mum)

  3. I accidentally found out when I asked about all the little things for sale in the foyer so thought I'd do a call-out for some additional items.. Sure is a small world :o) Hope Sienna had a lovely party too!! Xx


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