bowerbird bazaar..

Last Friday I managed to sneak out for a little while into the big smoke.. well Adelaide, so little smoke really... Anyway, I went to Bowerbird Bazaar :: a bazaar for designer makers to sell their art and wares to the public all under the one roof. a place for shoppers to buy unique design driven products. an event for networking, socialising and shopping :: It was sooo fantastic with so many fantastic wares and designers that I took the little man again on Sunday for another sneak peak.. I got some gorgeous fabric from 'Cloth Fabric' and I also got my first ever henna painting on my hand by the gorgeous 'Humna'. 

Being a photographer I also fell in love with these little gadgets that you can pop photos straight into and swap around and around instead of having to frame them. The company is called 'the curator' Great little idea for mums too that want to continuously update their kids pics.. I'll be getting some pretty soon I'm thinking.. 

Here are a couple of pics of my hand.. good night for now...

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