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ella's masterpiece..
zaccy's masterpiece..

I can say with certainty that both my kids have inherited my husbands and my creative side.. I know that most kids love to paint.. if only just to get messy.. but they do.

In our household however, I seriously need to keep the paint, paint brushes and anything that may generate the thought of painting out of sight, otherwise we would be painting night and day. We do paint a lot nevertheless and I just love the little artworks that my monkeys create. We now have four spots where we hang artworks around the house, as the fridge just didn't cut it.. They still get full very quickly and although I hate putting any of their art in the rubbish, I simply have to or we'd need to put an addition on the house just for art storage. 

Before anything hits the bin, I take a photo of it, date it and save it in a little folder dedicated to just artwork. Most photo places now have the service of turning photographs into photo books, so the plan is that every few years I will make up one of these books of each of the kids artworks for them to have when they grow up. 

I would love to create a little spot on the web where mums/dads can share their kids art.. 
so here goes.. my first attempt at a linky on my blog.. 

I'm running a little behind this week but generally I'd like to start the availability of links each Monday morning and finish on a Sunday evening.. 

the title {kiddy art..}

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