stop and smell the roses..

I've been enjoying playing with new pattern designs of late.. creating things that have been in my head for ages and using some fabrics which have been waiting patiently in boxes. kasiabeardesigns is my little creative outlet which combines so many of the things I love, and its nice to finally get a bit of structure in our household to be able to focus on something of mine. 

I really hate the saying 'stop and smell the roses', probably only because I don't like roses.. but I try whenever I can to, stop and look at my world through the eyes of a child, to notice all the little details, the textures, the colours, the shapes and the natural beauty. 

Being a very visual person, I used to, once upon a time, take photos of everything that made me smile and then things got busy, our babies came along and.. and.. and.. I really could write a whole thesis on why our lives became busy, but its getting late. So instead I'll share something that made me smile in the midst of doing something I love.. double positive really. 

The different colours in the thread and pins, intertwined with one another were just beautiful in my eyes.. the textures so different... they made me smile.. 


  1. love it kasia!! i often look at the table after my creating and love looking at the cottn pieces together and i have these little love heart pins which always make me smile... i love reading that someone else is seeing the beauty in this too... i love that we are on the same wavelength... love x

  2. thanks hon.. i used to do this so naturally.. but life becomes too full on sometimes. but i try and make sure i take the time to enjoy things with my kids as if it was my first time doing something as well... seriously.. they are just so therapeutic in so many ways..


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