Happy Happy 101...

the lovely Stephanie has tagged me with the Happy 101 meme.. haven't done one of these for ages.. would have loved to have kept some of my answers from back in high-school or uni days.. 

Okay, rules are... name ten things I like.. hmmm only 10??

Here goes, in no particular order: 

one my children.. 
listening to their laughter.. watching them play together.. watching them hold hands while in the back of the car.. their cuddles (even at midnight, 2am, 3am, 4am etc..) listening to them say their first attempts at words.. just everything about them really.. and now being fed yoghurt by my daughter :o)

two cold frosty mornings.. 
this includes everything from driving in fog.. frost on my car so that i have to scape it off the windows before driving.. crispy white trees.. frost on spiderwebs.. the smell of it all.. just love it!!

three creating.. 
sewing.. design.. craft.. building things.. really just anything where i start with raw materials and turn them into something else..

four photography.. 
just the concept of capturing a moment in time and being able to look back on it later.. 

five my husband.. 
he just makes me happy.. he supports me in everything i do.. he is my strength when i am running low.. he is my rock.. he is the true raw meaning behind love.. no frills.. just love.. 

six the colour red.. 
i like simplicity and neutral colours in general.. i don't like trends or fashion.. red just adds highlights to my otherwise simple world.. it makes me smile.. 

seven my friends.. 
they listen.. they are there when i need them.. they make me smile..

eight coffee.. 
life just wouldn't be the same without a hot cup of good quality coffee.. 

nine silence..
i do love my kids.. but i also like silence.. i like sitting and having complete silence around me.. 

ten lists.. 
i love writing what's in my mind.. i like having a plan.. i like adding things and crossing things off.. i like moving forward.. 

few people that would be fun to know a bit more about.. 


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